Report: Lakers Likely to Use Amnesty Provision on Metta World Peace

Darius Soriano —  July 8, 2013

UPDATE: Did we jump the gun a bit with our post below? Possibly. Maybe. We’ll see.

The Lakers can’t officially use their amnesty provision until July 10th (with the window to use it closing on July 16th). Kevin Ding acknowledged in his tweet that the Lakers could still change their mind and other reporters (most notably Ramona Shelburne) have noted that they have not yet confirmed the team will amnesty Ron.

Meanwhile, Kobe has weighed in on twitter with an opinion on possibly cutting ties with Ron:

Whether this is Kobe applying some public pressure or just speaking his opinion is open to interpretation. In the tweet before the one above, Kobe wished Ron well and acknowledged that he was a “casualty of the new CBA”. So, maybe Kobe was just speaking off the cuff when stating what he would do. We’ll see what the Lakers will decide in the next week.

Looks like the only Lakers’ news of the day isn’t the signing of free agent Chris Kaman. With the announcement that the team will be saying hello to a new player, they are likely on the verge of saying goodbye to another.

Per Kevin Ding, the Lakers plan to use the amnesty provision on Metta World Peace:

The move is purely a cost cutting one, saving the Lakers nearly $30 million $21.5 million (per Eric Pincus) in luxury tax payments for the upcoming season. With the escalated tax system kicking in for next year, the Lakers will be hit hard for their high payroll and, as we’ve mentioned before, Ron was the most likely candidate to get cut using this one time tool to remove salary off the team’s cap.

While this move makes sense financially, and, to a certain extent on the floor considering slippage in Ron’s game on both sides of the floor, it’s also a tough pill to swallow when zooming in on the state of the roster right now. While I anticipated Ron playing more small ball PF next year, he was the only viable SF on the roster and with the Lakers already likely to use their mini-mid level on Kaman, the team only has minimum salaried contracts to offer any replacements on the wing. Even with Ron in decline, it’s tough to envision a player coming in and providing what he did on both ends of the floor for such a paltry price tag.

I, for one, will miss him. Ron always played with an intensity and competitive fire that was distinct. And while playing on the edge in the way that he did would sometimes lead to him crossing the line between fair and foul, his determination and desire to give his all on the floor was something that many don’t always provide. When you combine his temperament with some of his big game performances, Ron will live on in Lakers’ lore for a lifetime.

I mean, I will never forget his put-back against the Suns in the 2010 Western Conference Finals nor the even bigger performance — and clutch 3 pointer — he provided in game 7 of the NBA Finals. His post game press conference is also the stuff of legend, but that just obscures the fact that without Ron in uniform, it’s unlikely the Lakers defeat their long time foes to claim the title, or even get that far for that matter.

As Ding reports, there’s still a chance, though seemingly slim, that the team changes their mind and keeps Ron on board for next season. But if Ron actually has played his last game in the forum blue and gold uniform of the Lakers, I wish him nothing but the best in wherever he lands. He still has something to give on the floor and whatever team he’s on will surely appreciate the toughness, effort, and heart he plays with. There will be some down moments too, of course, but in the end that’s what you get with Ron. And, crazy as it sounds, I probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

Darius Soriano

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62 responses to Report: Lakers Likely to Use Amnesty Provision on Metta World Peace

  1. This sucks. I really like Ron Artest and I’m glad to have watched him play for our team over the last few years. Good luck wherever you land MWP!

  2. This makes no sense when we have no sfs on the entire roster and defensively ron was asked to guard sgs, sfs and at times pgs – this essentially means we are tanking this season – at least if we went after odom Or sacha they could sell the old gang concept to the fans now we are just going to hate this dantoni/jim team except for hill/pau/kobe

  3. It makes no sense.

  4. Really not sure I understand the direction and purpose of these last few moves. Other than simply filling out the roster for less money, I guess, and getting as much free space for 2014 as possible.

    Although I wonder about trading Pau given Kobe’s views, would it be worth a deal with say, the Wizards for Ariza and Okafor? I believe both are expiring, so no impact on 2014. I think the numbers are close. Only reason to pursue something like this is it would give the Lakers an actual SF on the roster, one that can shoot threes.

  5. It is hard to see the overall plan here. I get 1 year deals, I get saving payroll. But the roster has a very strange look to it right now, with not too much still available on the FA shelf.

  6. PLEASE keep MWP. We need his defense, toughness, and yes leadership. Given our salary constraints, we will not be able to replace his production on the floor and will be a worse team if he leaves. He is in tremendous shape, and still has a good season to give us. I like his chemistry fit with the other veterans, and he is all about winning, not personal glory.

  7. well, the lakers may not be able to offer $, but there’s a starting job available if any free agent SFs are interested.

  8. As far as I am concerned, Metta earned his entire contract in the 2010 playoffs, (easy to say, not my money, but still) and as a Lakers fan, I will always wish the guy well.

    As to the 2014 roster, I think Pau is getting traded.

  9. Love Ron Artest. I think he will end up in Houston.

  10. I’ll never forget what he did in the 2010 Finals, particularly his overall game 7 performance.

    The Techs he earned in games 1 and 7, tangling with Pierce, are two of the smartest I’ve ever seen.

  11. I think the FO intends to blow things up. With Kaman signing, Pau is likely going to be traded away for salary relief (maybe they convinced Kaman to take less money but get more playing time?), and Kobe will be ‘given’ a lot of time to recover whether he really wants/needs it or not.

  12. rr
    Totally agree about MWP in the 2010 finals. He brought a level of toughness that team needed and the “tangling” with Pierce was absolutely calculated. You didn’t see Kendrick Perkins getting up into Ron Artest’s face.

    Also, it really does seem like all signs are pointing to Pau getting moved. If you see another PF (Lamar Odom) get picked up, then it’s all but assured that Pau gets flipped for a couple of wings.

  13. We were a poor defensive team _last_ year.
    Now we’re effectively switching out Dwight & Metta …. for Gasol & Kaman?
    I love Pau, but, from a defensive standpoint, I’m, well, Wiggin’ out with this move….

  14. It’s tough to see the direction of the team right now. I didn’t think they would amnesty anyone since they aren’t paying Dwight 20 million. I thought they would amnesty Ron if Dwight came back and trade pau but I’m not so sure what they are doing. I would even understand letting Ron go if Jamison or Clark returned. So this team is going to be a punch of 33-40 years olds. So i guess they are going to get Jerry stackhouse or Tmac and have fisher return.

  15. “It’s The Money Stupid!”?

  16. So…who replaces him?

  17. Respect. I’ll always have my belief that we don’t win in 2010 with Ariza locking up Pierce instead of Peace. Despite the space cadet moments, MWP was a fun player to root for. For the energy he brought every night, for the lightning-quick hands, for his pithy post-game insight, and for the simple fact that – by all insider accounts – he was an excellent teammate to play with. I would have rather seen him play out the end of his contract, but if you’re not contending, I suppose I understand the cost savings.

    MWP was one of the few body types ideally suited to being a smallball 4 in this league … but, in all fairness, if you’re not making deep playoff runs, what does it matter that you can guard Lebron somewhat more effectively twice in the regular season? More interesting will be if they actually have 3 wing players lined up, or if we’ll end up resorting to D-leaguers at the end to fill out the roster.

  18. I am a HUGE Laker fan.
    They need to keep a team together for a few years, rather than trading good players year after year.
    Alot of the BEST players on other teams, were traded by the Lakers.
    I DON’T GET IT !!
    Every year. Same thing. Great players traded. New players who are not that great.

  19. Shelburne is Tweeting that Amnestying Metta not yet done deal.

  20. If this were to occur, I can’t say that I’m too upset with this move. I called for it in the middle of this past season when I witnessed SF’s such as Bron, Melo and Durant basically toying with Ron. While I was able to, somewhat, accept that (being that they’re the elite scoring SF’s in the league), when I saw Paul Pierce having his way with him, I knew that, unfortunately, it was time for Ron to go.

    I will always be grateful of Ron for, as others have mentioned, his role in our 2010 run. Particularly his defense on a young Kevin Durant in the playoffs and Pierce during the finals. I also feel a special connection to Ron because, being a resident of NYC, I watched him from his early beginnings at LaSalle High School, through the AAU circuit and then at St. John’s University, before finally arriving in the Association. His jumper in the clincher against Boston will go down in Laker Lore. I wish him the best at wherever he lands. Except when he plays against us.

  21. Love Ron. Great warrior despite his eccentricity; will be definitely missed.

  22. I was just sitting here reading this and got a call from the 213 area code (no name). I thought, “Hmm, maybe it’s the Lakers, they’re looking for players!” I didn’t answer, and they didn’t leave a message.

  23. This saddens me quite a bit. I’ll miss you #15 & #37

  24. Rusty Shackleford July 8, 2013 at 7:54 pm

    Remember when Ron elbowed James Harden in the head?…………………That was awesome.

  25. Smells like there is a big move (trade) in the air to me, why else get Kaman and get rid of WP unless they have bigger plans afoot (hopefully)…the different direction they hinted at

  26. From Kobe’s Twitter:

    No game 7 win without Metta! This is a tough day for laker nation #misspeace #newcbacasualty

    Personally I’d keep Metta and make a run with the unit we have and just add a few pieces #keepthepeace #lakersstilldeciding

  27. I’m truly perplexed. I just hope the FO moves quickly with its next several moves to give some sort of direction to the franchise. Right now, I can’t really tell which end is up.

  28. I love MWP as a Laker. I know that releasing him would save the FO about $30 million, but I sure hope there is still a place for MWP on this Laker roster next year.

  29. Dan Feldman’s estimate over at PBT is that the savings are far, far less than $30 million. Those #s, he says, were based on the assumption that Dwight’s contract would be on the books. Without that mega contract, the tax implications are different. I haven’t had time to look at the #s to confirm.

  30. MannyP,

    I’m with you. Keeping MWP seems to be the overwhelming concensus–at least among fans on this site. I only wish we had a vote.

    Think of it: Metta’s the only player among the starting 5 (other than perhaps Jordan Hill–if he starts) who’s committed to defense. And we have no other SFs on the team. NONE.

    Putting aside the financial considerations, this makes no basketball sense. The FO has got to make a decision quickly and explain their reasoning to the fan base. Right now it looks as if the inmates are running the asylum.

  31. Snoopy2006,

    Ricky O’Donnell at SB Nation puts the savings at $21.6 million.

  32. The Lakers have two obvious options:

    1. The Kobe Plan–keep everybody, do the best you can in FA, win as many games as you can and re-evaluate at the deadline.
    2. The Wiggins plan–get rid of every player of any value for whatever you can get (except for Kobe) and in his case either go nuclear and amnesty him or encourage him to sit out most of the year and then try to catch Jordan next year. Win 10-15 games and pray that you win the lottery and get Wiggins.

    Signing Kaman perhaps indicates a middle ground:

    –Don’t worry about trying to make the playoffs
    –Try to get Metta, Pau and later, probably Nash, off the team so that you can reset the tax and have NO money except roster holds committed in July 2014
    –But keep the team quasi-respectable in so doing, at least until the deadline.

  33. “this makes no basketball sense”
    Shaw vs Brown – What made basketball sense?
    PJ vs MD – What made basketball sense?
    Jeanie vs Jimbo – What made basketball sense?
    Triangle vs Uptempo – What made basketball sense
    Firing MD or Keeping DH – What made basketball sense?
    Signing Shannon or not – What made basketball sense?
    Signing Barnes or not – What made basketball sense
    Firing all the scouts and Ron Lester – What made basketball sense?
    OK – I’ll stop

  34. Anyone know, sans Metta, how much more we need to cut to go below the tax and avoid repeater penalty?

  35. ronnie lester fan club July 8, 2013 at 9:46 pm

    robert pretty much covers it. fans deserve some type of explanation. at least with the celtics, you quickly learned what the plan was. Too much uncertainty here, and the previous screw ups don’t help instill confidence. (I’m not putting the DH decision in that category)

  36. Even with his ill advised 3 point chucks, he has been a pure warrior and pure Laker. I love the guy and hope the best for him if he is indeed gone . . . .

  37. Abdul-Jabbar told the San Francisco Chronicle last month he met Howard only once and that Howard expressed an interest in learning from the former Lakers captain but he never again reached out to Abdul-Jabbar. “He’s charming, he’s charismatic, very nice young man,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “Maturity-wise, he doesn’t get it.”

    When Abdul-Jabbar was asked about teaching Howard the sky hook, he said, “At least he’d have an offensive move.

    “He gets the ball on offense, oh my God, he doesn’t know what to do. It’s usually a turnover, people come and take the ball from him or tie his arms up. Offensively, he doesn’t get it. Hasn’t made any progress. We (the Lakers, when Abdul-Jabbar was a special assistant coach) played them in ’09, and when I saw him this past season, he was the same player.”

  38. I just dont understand what is there to explain, its so simple, assemble the best team they can under the severe financial contraints we face, hope for the best this season and start the reloading process in 2014. People need to stop overanalizing stuff. Sad to see MWP he will be forever on Laker lore but the reality is that is somebody was going to be amnestied after Dwight left it was him.

  39. rr-
    “He gets the ball on offense, oh my God, he doesn’t know what to do. It’s usually a turnover, people come and take the ball from him or tie his arms up. Offensively, he doesn’t get it. Hasn’t made any progress. We (the Lakers, when Abdul-Jabbar was a special assistant coach) played them in ’09, and when I saw him this past season, he was the same player.”

    Bingo. I believe that everyone in the Laker organization including former players like Kareem and Magic and Shaq saw these things in Howard and let their voices be heard. Without his supreme athleticism he was not the same player. He could still contribute greatly on defense, but he was woeful at times offensively.

  40. MWP became a true Laker the night he drained that 3 pointer that clinched the 2010 championship. A championship hero deserves the right to at least have his contract carried out to term. Laker nation owes World Peace a debt of gratitude. What a great memory. All the best to Metta.

  41. The Lakers are TANKING this season. They are wasting what years Kobe, Pau, and Steve Nash have left.

    They are waiving the white flag.

    Jimmie Buss is interested only in saving money.

    Who is going to guard Lebron James or Kevin Durant on the Lakers? Nobody if Metta is waived.


    This is what Tweedle Dee Jimmy Buss can think of to ruin another Lakers year and waste years off the lives of their players.

  42. Didn’t think I’d see the day when Lakers even thought about cost cutting. New cba could provoke quite a change in Lakerland. And since they only have the minimum, Alan Anderson and Cartier Martin anyone?

  43. If MWP is really on his way out, then I salute him. The man is a warrior. I knew when Mitch signed him to a five year deal it was too long. But his performance in the 2010 playoffs was key to hanging another banner in Staples. I’ll take a few down years for that title.

    One thing about Peace is he is geniune. He never comes off as phoney or political. The man speaks from his heart. Sure he is eccentric, but Ron recreated himself here in purple and gold. That is what the Lakers once represented. This was a place where players came and found their greatness. The former Ron Artest came here and became both a champion and greater human being.

  44. since I know the Lakers, as constituted, won’t win the NBA title for 2014, the goal should be to go under the luxury tax line, or pay as little luxury tax as possible.

    Why? remember Dan Gilbert’s objection to the CP3 trade:

    “Over the next three seasons this deal would save the Lakers approximately $20 million in salaries and approximately $21 million in luxury taxes. That $21 million goes to non-taxpaying teams and to fund revenue sharing.”

    Let these non-taxpaying teams- who rely on doleouts from luxury taxes- experience what its like to have one-less taxpaying team.

  45. … Dwight walks, still excited for season.
    EC follows the money, sad to see him go, still optimistic.
    KK signed, growing very weary of next season.
    MWP amnestied? I’m sensing an oncoming wave of grief

    I gave lil’ jimmy buss the benefit of the doubt, I didn’t judge him based on physical appearances or background. His sister is a very friendly and generous human being after all. I didn’t take it personally when he shattered Championship Chemistry for seemingly nothing. I didn’t make knee-jerk reactions to the reported disrespectful courting of the Zen Master, or the abandonment of his ‘carefully selected’ coach immediately after the ‘You’re doin a heckuva job, Brownie!’ presser AND hiring of his philosophical opposite (except in player preservation!) after a rocky start)

    Now I want to paparazzi traffic stop his vehicle with my compact honda, jump on my roof, rip my shirt off, slam my fists on my chest, and challenge him to a street fight.

    Knew I should have bought more tickets for the MWP Ring raffle, I assumed there would be more in the future.

    Thank you for your kind words, supporters of WORLD PEACE!

  46. Warren Wee Lim July 9, 2013 at 2:37 am

    Structuring the payroll does not equate to tanking. Its being practical. If you cannot field an A-list team, don’t waste $$$ thinking it will bring you far. The reality of the matter is that we are still competitive but we are not contenders. I doubt MWP, w/ all his heart is the difference between winning 32 games and 62.

    For the past 6 or so seasons, the Lakers have been constant taxpayers. But in the last 5 seasons we’ve also been to 3 finals, won 2 championships and stayed competitive. It makes sense to “go all in” when you have the cards to do so. Its pointless to bluff your way into a major pot. The Lakers have shown the willingness to go all in when it matters.

    This is a correction year. There is not much to “waste” when the season is a waste by itself. We are better off regrouping. I do not advocate tanking at all, I have too much pride for that. I do however know the reality of the matter that we are not a top 3 Western team. Alot would even doubt if we are a team thats capable of winning 50. Some have already written our obituary.

    I like a team that has less expectations because we have the likes of Pau, Kobe and Nash. I too have loved MWP in all his eccentricities but I do realize the fact of the matter that both parties need to move on. I don’t think he is angry w/ management as well, he knows how well the Lakers have treated him and how he has somehow redeemed his long-lost reputation by becoming a clutch player, a champion… a true Laker. I honestly would feel more insulted if I was Paul Pierce, because that guy has been through everything in Celtic-land, and they can’t let him retire in peace. They’ve traded him unceremoniously to a rival city and did not even ask for much. This is why we are Lakers… that is why they are Celtics.

    Inspecting the roster, I notice a glaring hole at SF. Even if Kobe comes back, or Ryan Kelly proves to be faster/quicker than I give him credit for, that is a power position that needs to be filled. Most of the cheaper options have gone to sign w/ other teams… we have also utilized our mini MLE w/ the Kaman signing.

    PG: Nash – Blake
    SG: Bryant – Meeks
    SF: Kelly*
    PF: Gasol – Hill
    CE: Kaman – Sacre

    A great imbalance on the roster. We need wingmen and we need about 3. With only the MIN left at our disposal, it is logical to believe that a trade is coming.

    Utah and Golden State are in need of a backup PG. Steve Blake might appeal to them.

    Toronto has a glut of wings that are similar players. Masai Ujiri is cleaning house. They might be willing to deal.

    We need Darius Morris back and its not outrageous to think that Andrew Goudelock might be back as well. DJO remains a low probability and this is the part where Sasha Vujacic becomes useful.

  47. Cavs have offered Bynum a 2-year $24 mil deal with a team option for the 2nd year. Woj reporting that Bynum headed to Atlanta to try to get a better offer. They’re looking for a ton of money on a 1 year deal, which indicates 2 things to me:

    1) Bynum and his camp have good faith in his knee recovering and him being worthy of a max next year
    2) They believe front offices are stupid enough to pony up a ton of money just so Bynum can use that money to audition for the rest of the league, and possibly leave in just 1 season.

    Now, I’m not saying front offices aren’t stupid. I’m personally still trying to figure out why John Hammond was ever considered The Next Great GM. But I really am enjoying David Lee’s 2nd installment of How Not To Negotiate 101, and I hope he picks up a couple more clients so we can go through this debacle yearly.

  48. Since the Lakers are planning to TANK this coming year, shouldn’t they simply Amnesty KOBE?

    After all, that would save them $60 MILLION – way more than the $19 MILLION they would save by amnestying Metta.

    After all, in 2014, Kobe’s contract ends anyway.

    After all, if they amnesty Kobe, Kobe won’t be able to play anyway for most of the next year.

    They can tell Kobe that he should take a year off to fully rehabilitate his Achilles’ tendon. Then they can offer him $15 million a year in 2014.

    After all, who is going to pay Kobe $15 Million a year when Kobe is 35 years old and coming off an Achilles’ tendon injury?

  49. Warren Wee Lim July 9, 2013 at 5:24 am

    Jameskatt, if that was an old VHS or Betamax you’re referring to, maybe. But Kobe? I wondering why you’re wondering.

  50. @15M a year for 1 season or even 2? I bet you teams with the cap space would be lining up

  51. Robert – awesome post

  52. We keep reading – on this site anyway – about the concept of amnestying Kobe, “letting” him rest for a year, then re signing him.

    I don’t think it is possible for a team that amnesties a player to resign him; can anyone clarify?

  53. R

    he cant play for that team the same year Ex Gilbert Arenas gets amnestied … no one picks him up … he can sign as an FA with anyone he wants except for Orlando – next year he could play for us

  54. @R His contract would be up and he’d be a free agent so the Lakers could re-sign him. However we would lose his Bird rights allowing us to go over cap to bring him back. Because of that there’s no chance they’d amnesty him. I think the goal is signing 2 max FA’s next summer then bringing Kobe back once the roster is filled since he can be re-signed after we’re capped out.

  55. KenOak: and yet some are certain that Kateem should have been at the meeting to convince Howard to stay. I think it’s pretty obvious the guy had no intention of staying here

  56. “The Lakers are TANKING this season. They are wasting what years Kobe, Pau, and Steve Nash have left. They are waiving the white flag. Jimmie Buss is interested only in saving money.”

    If you’re the Lakers braintrust, the only reasonable outlook now starts with the obvious assumption that without a future franchise player in the mix, then Kobe, Pau and Steve are done competing for championships as long as they play for the Lakers anyway.

    If Jim Buss was only concerned with saving money, he wouldn’t have made the play for Nash and Howard last summer. The front office did what they could to put a team around an aging Kobe hoping to squeeze another championship run or two out of that mix and it just didn’t work out.

    Maybe that strategy was poorly executed in that they should’ve hired Phil as the coach But that’s hindsight and I give the front office credit for attempting to pull off a bold move, but with Dwight leaving that’s all finished now.

    a new strategy means that the number one priority is obtaining the future franchise player as soon as possible and it trumps everything else including the longevity of Kobe, Pau and Steve and the sentimental attitude of the Laker fan base.

    Kobe needs to make friends with reality when it comes to 2013. He needs to spend the entire year getting his body ready for 2014 and holding the Front Office accountable for providing a teammate or two that legitimately give him a chance to compete for a championship in 2014 or 2015.

    If the Front Office fails to do that? Then Kobe should think about re-signing somewhere else anyway where he could be the difference in another team winning a championship.

    So call it TANKING then but realize, that the Lakers have to do something to change this. if they want to make a run at Lebron James, then they need to have something they can put on the table. The return of Kobe combined with a great draft prospect would be a good start.

    Who knows what kind of disarray the Heat may be in going into 2014 with their very serious salary cap problems. That could create the window of opportunity the Lakers are looking for but they have to be ready for it.

  57. sald0gg: Because of Kobe’s cap hold (120% of his current salary) he must be signed first – at a lower rate or huis rights renounced to have enough room to sign two max FAs. Because of the cap holds for Kobe and Pau and Nash’s $ 9 Million salary the Lakers go into the offseason with about $69 million on the bbooks.

    As an example, if Pau and Kobe sign contracts at $5 milion each then the Lakers (with Nash) would have $19 million in salaries and about $43 million in cap space to sign two max players. The holds complicate matters to some degree as you must clarify resigning or withdrawing your rights on your own FA’s.

  58. I’m surprised that none of the beat writers have gotten an interview with Mitch or Jim Buss (unlikely) to get their view about what the Lakers are doing. It would appear that they are going to play the hand their dealt and maximize cap space next summer.

    I would also like to hear the rationale of the Kaman signing. Why was he brough on board as his skill set is redundant with Pau’s (now that he is a center). Seems to me that thier available mid level should have been used on players that fit D’Antoni’s offense – shooters with younger legs. Bringing on Kaman makes me think that Pau is on the move.

  59. Off Topic –
    Haven’t heard anything reported in regards to this since Dwight decided to head to Houston, but hopefully, since deals can’t be officially signed until tomorrow, we can work out a sign and trade with the Rockets in which we can receive back a Trade Exception. It’s understood that Houston doesn’t have to accommodate us since they have enough cap room to sign Dwight outright, so I guess it would have to be out of respect and common courtesy if this were to occur. If done, looking back, at least we would have received something back for him.

  60. Thanks, Shaun, for clarifying.

  61. The holds complicate matters to some degree as you must clarify resigning or withdrawing your rights on your own FA’s.

    It only complicates things a little. The Lakers will renounce rights to all their FAs. There will be the roster holds. Looking ahead at Kobe’s next deal, assuming that he can come back, people need to remember that Duncan and Garnett are playing for 10M and 12M, respectively, and Nowitzki has already said that he will take less than that if it will help Dallas.

    As to amnesty, an amanestied player goes to the highest bidder with cap space to bid, as I understand it. My guess is that if the Lakers amnestied Kobe, we would see him in a Dallas uniform this season.

  62. @rr
    The funny thing is that if the Lakers amnestied Kobe, he wouldn’t sit out the season. I think that if Dallas won the bid, then you are absolutely correct that he would play for them. Dirk and Kobe together? Ouch. Throw in Bynum too…hehe.