Interview With Robert Sacre

Rey Moralde —  July 14, 2013

After the Lakers’ summer league game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday, we managed to get Robert Sacre to talk to us about how his rookie year was, what he’s working on, and other things.

FORUM BLUE & GOLD: How would you describe your rookie year?

ROBERT SACRE: I think I’ve seen more in one year than most guys have seen in five. That’s basically how I can wrap it all up in one year.

FB&G: Pau Gasol is still on the team. Chris Kaman was just signed. What are your individual goals with you possibly being the fourth big man (Jordan Hill is still on the team) on the team?

RS: Just to bring a lot of energy and get some playing time. You gotta focus on being able to get on the court by any means necessary.

FB&G: A lot of people don’t look at the Lakers any more as a championship team. Is that what we should look at them as?

RS: No. Not at all. We’re just as competitive and hungry like any teams going for the championship. I think we’re up there.

FB&G: We saw you shoot a couple of jumpers in (your summer league game against Cleveland). We even saw you shoot a three! Besides those jumpers, what part of your game are you working at?

RS: I’m just working on my all-around game. Be able to distribute, pass, and always play defense.

FB&G: Lastly, the Lakers just hired Mark Madsen as the assistant coach. Who is the better dancer? You or Mark?

RS: Me. Hands down. I hold it down with the dance moves.

We’d like to thank the always-entertaining Robert Sacre for a couple of minutes of his time.

Rey Moralde


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  1. For Sacre to be effective, he needs to learn how to position himself in the low post defense. I see him getting pushed out of position by most of the big men, which doesn’t allow him to rebound effectively. All the spirit and dance moves don’t make up for basic fundamentals underneath the basket.


  2. World Peace met with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak on Friday and said there were no hard feelings.

    “It was an extra $24 million that was going to have to come from a family-owned business,” World Peace said, referring to the approximate total of what it would cost the Lakers to pay his salary, plus luxury taxes in 2013-14, if they did not waive him.

    “I’m really close with the [Buss] family, so I would not want the family-owned business to have to come out of pocket like that. So, I definitely supported the decision.”

    “I said, ‘Mitch, I want to come back and coach this year,’ ” World Peace said. “That was the first thing I texted Mitch. I said, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ I said, ‘I understand what you have to do and I would love to help the young guys. I want to coach. I want to help y’all win a championship.’ ”

    I love this guy.


  3. The anonymous poster (assuming it went through, b/c I can’t see it right now) is me.


  4. Mad Dog is good but Sacre has moves “Like Jagger!” Now if only he can learn to execute the basic fundamental moves on the court; he’s got a lot of work to do but I think he’ll be okay.


  5. This is rich:

    “Omer might not really see the total big picture right now, and I totally understand,” Howard said, according to the Chronicle. “He’s a young guy and he wants to really be respected. I would tell him when I see him, ‘You’ve done a great job on this team. I’m going to help you and this team get better.’

    So the guy who went around the locker room waving his stat sheet in other players’ faces is now talking about maturity and seeing the big picture. Gotcha.


  6. Snoopy2006,
    So,.. Dwight Howard apparently did learn something from Kobe Bryant. It’s just that he wasn’t able to apply the lesson to himself, but will use it on others. Very smart — very self aware.


  7. The old “do as I say, don’t do as I do”, apparently.


  8. Sacre needs to work those dance moves into court footwork, positioning and ball awareness. He’s lacking athleticism so he needs to specialize in something more than celebrations.


  9. Rey, I´m enjoying the interviews –
    the `better dancer´ question was as obligatory as whenever the Stones go on tour & reporters ask: `is this the last time?´ (they´ve been doing that since around `75). Anyway, hope Sacre can contribute more this season.

    I must apologize in advance for the following juvenile comment, but it´s been gnawing at me, so here goes:
    I´m looking forward to Mamba stuffin´ one in howards face, hopefully during a series-clincher, & then patting him on the behind all the while whispering: `don´t fret big fella, McHale´ll stroke your Johnson for ya after the game, make ya feel better…& really loved`

    I promise, no more of that…


  10. I have never been so conflicted about a player as I am about Dwight. What he can do is so useful to a team and I really wanted to see him mature as a person. His personality just never struck me as someone I wanted to like. Obviously, my liking the guy is the least of concerns, but I didn’t respect him. It looked like the team had similar problems with him. PErhaps I project too much. Contrast that with Metta and the path he took to who he is today. I feel blessed to have watched him grow, to work his butt off, to struggle with mental and physical issues, and to become a champion. I don’t say this with any sort of condescension. He has grown into being the sort of man I would be proud to see my son become. There is such a lot to Metta I wish I could be, the money and athleticism being the least of them. #LakerForLife