Magic Johnson Breaks the Big O’s Record (Video)

Darius Soriano —  July 28, 2013

Terry Teagle hit a turnaround jumper from the right baseline and became the answer to a trivia question. It was Teagle’s jumper that propelled Magic Johnson past Oscar Robertson as the all-time assist leader at 9,888 total assists. Since that fateful day in 1991, that number has been passed multiple times and Magic no longer holds the all-time record. That honor goes to John Stockton. Magic, meanwhile, sits 5th on the all-time list behind Stock, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and Mark Jackson.

But where Magic sits on the all time list now doesn’t matter much. He was easily the best passer many people (including me) ever saw. Just as some scorers have every type of shot imaginable in their arsenal, Magic could throw any type of pass. He hit players in stride streaking to the hoop and led them to the open spot. He rocketed one handed bullet passes, scooped underhanded outlet passes, and bounced passes through traffic. He saw things other players didn’t and put the ball into places that didn’t seem possible. He made his teammates better by making the game easier for them.

That April night started with Magic needing 9 assists to overtake the Big O. Magic got to 9 before the first half was over and did so in classic Magic form. He ran the break, directed the half court offense, accepted double teams, and just continued to hit the open man. He made the complex play just as easy as the simple one and blended the spectacular with the routine.

Some players are once in a generation talents. Magic, though, was a once in a lifetime one. I simply don’t believe we’ll ever see another like him.

Darius Soriano

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to Magic Johnson Breaks the Big O’s Record (Video)

  1. Magic & Kareem — the greatest duo.

    Their games so complimented each other and they were each individually among the greatest to ever play the game.


  2. Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson – IMO, the Greatest Laker of All-Time and the carrier of the Greatest Nickname in the history of the NBA.

    And with all due respect to Steve Smith, ‘Penny’ Hardaway, Jalen Rose and countless others who were heavily influenced by, and patterned their games, somewhat, after him, I agree with Darius in that we’ll never see another like ‘The Magic Man’ .


  3. I simply don’t believe we’ll ever see another like him.
    So true, so true –
    Any time I watch any of Earvin´s old footage, including the one Darius posted not too long ago, I get a feeling of something akin to `being back home´. In other words, Magic became part of my very fiber way back when; what he borught to all of us in terms of all-time, all-universe basketball talent & non-basketball intangibles still runs through this grateful fan´s nervous system!
    Love you Buck!! & thank you thank you thank you


  4. The Magic Man! I still recall the showmanship, magnetism, technique, camaraderie, competitiveness and effervescence with which he played the game. There will never be another with such a deadly combination to step on the hardwood.


  5. Magic is the best Laker ever….also proves that you can have fun and be intense at the same time….wish Kobe had a little Magic in him….great teammate…great player….and would be a great player in any era..


  6. Prime Ticket, Chick, Magic setting a record…glad I was there for all that.


  7. The glorious days. Lakers didn’t just win. They won with style. Celtics, Bulls, Spurs, the Heat, even the Kobe-led Lakers, none of of them can win with this flare and style.


  8. KAJ career FT accuracy: 72%

    Sometimes I wonder how they ever lost!