A New Partnership for FB&G

Darius Soriano —  October 30, 2013

Here at FB&G we remain committed to giving you the best content and analysis as we can. With that in mind, we’re always looking at ways to forge new partnerships that can help us deliver fresh information that can, hopefully, be found useful for everyone who visits this site.

Enter Draftstreet. Draftstreet is a fantasy games site that takes everything you love about Fantasy Sports and lets you play every night in many leagues including money leagues where you get to play fantasy sports for cash prizes. At DraftStreet, you get to choose your sport, draft style, duration, size, and entry fee.

They’re also our new partner. A couple of times a month we’ll work with Draftstreet to provide free access to one of their games — games with cash prizes! for the top finishers – while providing the type of player and team analysis you’ve come to expect from FB&G.

My hope is that this relationship will prove beneficial to everyone while also, you know, being fun in the process. After all, we all love playing armchair GM and this is your chance to do just that while, if proving good enough at it, making some money in the process.

The first game will be this Friday and can be found simply by clicking on this link. We’ll have some good information up for you related to this game soon, but right now you should go to Draftstreet, sign up for an account, and join Friday’s game. Then, come back here in the next day or so and check out our thoughts on some Lakers’ players (and maybe a few other guys) that can help you in the contest. It’s that simple.

Darius Soriano

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to A New Partnership for FB&G

  1. Congrats on the new partnership with Draftstreet Darius!


  2. darius: nothing ventured, nothing gained. let all the games begin. never a better time like the present.

    congratulations and thx for opening up new opportunties for all fb & g followers.

    go lakers


  3. So sad to see Bynum now. Not even compared to before his first injury. Just compared to the last time he played. He is like Steve Nash out there.


  4. I think I’m going to try Draftstreet when I come back from vacation (Singapore for 4 days)…