Around The World (Wide Web): Barkley, Kobe-MDA, Pau, Adjustments

Ryan Cole —  December 12, 2013

From Ryan Cole, Lakers Nation: Charles Barkley is widely known amongst Lakers fans for having a strong disdain for the the franchise and the team. He’s never been shy to mention how he feels about this team. In the summer he said that Dwight Howard did the right thing leaving Los Angeles because he felt that the Lakers are in no position to win now or in the immediate future. And on the eve before the start of the NBA regular season, he publicly blasted the Lakers on Monday Night Football by saying they wouldn’t come close to making the playoffs. Well Chuck was back at it again tonight when he joined Ric Bucher and Chris Townsend on 95.7 The GAME. He was asked about how he thinks the Lakers will fare with Kobe Bryant coming back. This is what he said: “The Lakers gonna stink with him, or without him,” Barkley said. “They’re not a good team, and they won’t be a good team.”

From David Murphy, Bleacher Report: For the first 19 games of the season, the Los Angeles Lakers’ Mike D’Antoni was having a field day with a team that might be described as a bunch of perfectly agreeable misfits—and then the Black Mamba returned. What will the relationship between D’Antoni and Kobe Bryant resemble for the rest of the season, partnership or power struggle? The eternal optimist would say the former—if these guys survived last year’s train wreck together, then this season should be a piece of cake. Bryant’s finally back on the court after a long layoff from a devastating injury, and now it’s time to rock! Or is it? A small difference of opinion recently materialized concerning the team’s record before Bryant’s return to action. It was enough to get people talking.

From Scott Howard-Cooper, There are the assumptions and the speculation, that the Kobe Bryant extension increases the possibility Bryant favorite Pau Gasol will get an offer to remain a Laker and that obviously he will jump at the chance because Gasol as a free agent, hat in hand, will be a sad sight. And then there is the reality: Gasol, he made clear to, could be the one to decide to break up. While he is definitely interested in staying and his affection for the organization is obvious, the 33-year-old power forward about 6 1/2 months away from free agency said his hopes to win another championship will weigh heavily on what he does in July and possibly greater than the opportunity to stay in a familiar setting or even money. Especially since there may be another familiar setting out there.

From Dave McMenamin, ESPN LA: Nobody on the Los Angeles Lakers was kidding themselves by thinking Kobe Bryant’s return would suddenly vault them from a team flirting with .500 to a squad shooting straight for the top of the Western Conference standings. “Of course we want to win, but we definitely know it’s going to be different,” said Xavier Henryafter L.A.’s 114-108 loss to the Phoenix Suns Tuesday night at Staples Center, their second straight defeat since Bryant’s comeback. “Everybody in the world knows it’s going to be different.”

Ryan Cole


to Around The World (Wide Web): Barkley, Kobe-MDA, Pau, Adjustments

  1. Kobe and Pau are not going to get fast or any more athletic…Kobe/Pau needs to be used in a different type of offense..2 systems ?? Slow it down with Kobe…speed it up with the second unit??? Also the biggest mistake that D.A. did was take out his best defensive player out of the starting lineup…(Johnson)…I would put Johnson back in and never play Williams…..Play Meeks as much as you can..He has become a really good player…


  2. I agree Gene they have to play at a somewhat slower pace when Kobe and Pau are in the game and he should star Johnson. As for Kobe coming back and the adjustments, it’s just going to take time to get a team that had great chemistry without Kobe, on the same page playing with him. With him back in the lineup it hurts certain players because they won’t get the minutes they’ve been used to getting this season. In my article on Steve Blake I touch on some of the issues I see this team having as they adjust to Kobe. It’s still funny to think that people look at this team as a joke when we’ve had worse rosters before remember Smush Parker and Kwame Brown Yikes!


  3. Steve Blake out for more than a month. Ouch


  4. Nash needs to either come back NOW or just retire and help the team somehow.


  5. Steve Blake is out six weeks due to the elbow. This is why I have been screaming for anyone Darius Morris, Kyle Lowry, somebody!! We need to make a move now!!! Kobe trying to get back into the swing of things is not the answer.


  6. the darned injury bug continues to bite us in the butt, geez


  7. ryan c: talk about your adjustments; latest being the news on steve blake. according to the report; steve suffered a “torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. He is expected to be out a minimum of six weeks. Blake suffered the injury in the second half of the Lakers vs. Sacramento game on November 24”. meaning steve blake played in nine games since he suffered the elbow injury. what an iron man. newfound respect to say the least.

    get well Steve Blake, you will be sorely missed.

    Go Lakers