Jordan Farmar returns to lineup

Daniel Rapaport —  December 24, 2013

Finally, some good news.

Per the Lakers’ twitter account, Jordan Farmar’s latest ultrasound showed a completely healed hamstring. Thus, he’s been cleared to return to action and should see his first action since Dec. 1 when the Lakers take on the 2-time defending champion Miami Heat on Christmas Day.

While the Lakers would surely like to slowly integrate Farmar back into the rotation, the current lack of healthy point guards makes that impossible. With Steve Nash and Steve Blake still nursing their respective injuries, Farmar will have to carry an intense load the minute he steps back on the floor. Expect him to start tomorrow and every game until the Steves return, and to see an increase in minutes for the 27 year old who’s averaging 9.2 points and 4.4 assists on 43.8% shooting.

The Lakers are still facing a giant challenge tomorrow in the Heat, who come into tomorrow’s contest at 21-6 and winners of 5 straight. It will be a challenge to hang with the champs, who seem to have found their stride, but having at least one healthy point guard should help the Lakers run their offensive sets with a bit more fluidity.

Daniel Rapaport


to Jordan Farmar returns to lineup

  1. As I said in the other thread, I think the Lakers will be very competitive tomorrow. I don’t think Miami will be into this game. So, if Farmar is himself, it could be interesting. That said, given recent events with team health, I am a little concerned with Farmar coming back a little ahead of schedule.


  2. I commented the other day about Howard’s post-up numbers, so I should set the record straight. Zach Lowe:


    In the 16 games since that column ran, Howard has shot 55-of-101 on post-ups — 55 percent! That would have ranked no. 3 among 70 players with at least 100 post-ups last season, per Synergy Sports. His points per possession on post-ups over that span would only rank about 25th among those 70 guys, mostly because his turnover rate is still too high. The Rockets would benefit from shifting a couple of those post-ups each night into pick-and-rolls with James Harden and Jeremy Lin.

    Howard looks spry again, and he has proven me and other critics wrong.

    Apologies for bringing up Howard, but when recent data goes against a point I made, like about Pau last week, I like to acknowledge the facts.


  3. Although I am far from a Doctor, I have to ask – Returning to the court a little over 3 weeks from a ‘torn’ hamstring? Torn? Sounds quite suspect to me. It’s understood from my end that the ultrasound indicates that the tear is “completely healed,” and it just may be that he’s a fast healer, but like Double R alluded to, JF’s return definitely seems a little premature.


  4. Hopefully Farmar can solidify the starting PG position so there is no debate when Blake (and if Nash) returns. They need more speed in the starting 5 to lessen some of the defensive flaws.


  5. Rr

    Really? They just lost last 2 games by 45 points and the only addition is their 2nd or 3rd string PG at start of season.

    Why won’t Heat be out to show the world who are the champs? Also Mike NoD is again starting Williams instead of his 2 best rebounders against a team weak at center.

    Pay had 4 rebounds , Williams 2
    Prior game Kamen 17, Hill 10

    Mike plays the the two best 5 minutes in first half.

    And you feel it will be close?

    Santa Claus and Elfs have a better chance tomorrow.

    Hope I don’t get told to switch teams by Mike NoD for that!

    Merry Xmas to all and to all a good night.


  6. two re-posts from a couple of threads ago, please bear with me everyone! 🙂
    Hope Mid & rr are right. (though wouldn´t it be grand to steal a win?)
    Just read that Farmar´s been cleared to play, so we should be seeing him tomorrow afternoon, in limited minutes I suspect
    & this for Robert especially (as it was stuck in mod), but for everyone here as well…Merry Christmas, peace to you all:
    Thanks so much for the X-mas wishes Robert, the same to you and yours. & my friend, the tenderest-hearted metal banger I´ve ever known 🙂 let me just add that I certainly hope we´re competitive tomorrow, & that maybe, just maybe, we can really celebrate a heck of a Christmas with a win!! (wait, let me get real here, it´d take some serious divine intervention! but what the hey)
    all is forgiven for bringing up Dwight `you like me, you really like me´ Howard 😉


  7. So glad Farmar is back; he will work wonders with this team.


  8. Santa gets an elf back… still need Rudolph though.


  9. Farmar is motivated to come back early as he is working for next seasons contract. So, he comes back before he even goes full speed for a couple of practices. Sounds about right for the present day Lakers. Hopefully, Farmar won’t play 3-6 games and go out again for 6-8 weeks.

    Play Marshall so the Lakers can decide if he’s worth retaining after February. Play all of the players at their natural position, so they can excel.

    I’m not so hopeful that the Lakers will even be competitive against the Heat. Lebron is upset about the Christmas Day uniforms so expect the Heat to come out with a bit of fire. Unless, they play down to the competition that is.

    It’s a home game so this young Lakers team will predictably play competitively at home. Should be an interesting game.

    I wrote a long diatribe about this coach and his comment about the fans but it’s Christmas, so I won’t post it. However, even when a person says something in anger or sarcastically, there is a kernel of truth in what they say.

    Merry Christmas, Forum Blue and Gold writers and posters!


  10. This next game will test D’Antoni’s discipline. He has got to be careful with Farmar’s minutes. I’ll be concerned if Farmar plays more than, say, 26 minutes and alarmed if he plays more than 30. MDA has got to give Jordan a chance to round into shape–even if JF is a young-ish guy and champing at the bit.

    That said, I expect that the team might actually rally around Farmar simply because they’ll be thrilled to have a real point guard again. That could actually happen.

    I just hope Jordan’s well. And I hope MDA doesn’t throw him to the wolves by expecting him to play major minutes. Even so, I’m actually–somehow–looking forward to this game. I secretly dreaded the Phoenix game. I just did not have a good feeling about that one.

    But I feel different about this one. I hope I’m not hallucinating.


  11. If the Heat field a full team, then we lose by 15 or more. No way this team has enough firepower to keep up with a fully engaged Lebron/Wade/Bosh. Hope that I’m wrong.