Report: Lakers Waive Kendall Marshall

Darius Soriano —  July 18, 2014

The Lakers are not done making moves, apparently. In an effort to open up a sliver of cap space (more on this in a minute), the team has moved on from the Kendall Marshall era (at least in the short term):

Marshall’s salary for this upcoming season — $915,243 — was not guaranteed, so the Lakers take no hit for waiving Marshall and open up that amount of cap space. This may not seem important, but, in reality, it was a needed move if the team wants to keep Ryan Kelly while also signing Nick Young to his reported deal. 

As we have discussed, the Lakers, due to various cap holds and the fact that Jordan Hill had some cap space to spend. Most of that space was earmarked for Young who agreed to a 4 year, $21.3 million deal. However the Lakers’ winning bid on that guy used up $3.25 million in cap space and now they must still sign Young. Thus, Marshall and his non-guaranteed deal are waived.

As Wojnarowski pointed out above, the Lakers would likely explore bringing Marshall back should he clear waivers. I can’t put odds on whether he will actually avoid being claimed (he did have a solid year and proved a capable floor general offensively), but if he does the Lakers can bring him back on a veteran’s minimum contract that would pretty much mirror what he was slated to make this season before being let go.

More on this as it develops, but even with today’s move there’s a chance Marshall hasn’t played his last game for the Lakers.

Darius Soriano

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47 responses to Report: Lakers Waive Kendall Marshall

  1. the other Stephen July 18, 2014 at 11:28 am

    Does all of this rule out Xavier Henry returning to the Lakers?

  2. the other Stephen July 18, 2014 at 11:38 am

    Never mind, Xavier’s apparently returning on a one-year deal (via McTen):

  3. It’s unfortunate Kendall has not developed his shooting. I think if he was able to develop a shooting touch, his lack of penetration abilities would not have stood out. It would behoove this young man to get in the gym and develop his shot if he wants a position in the NBA.

  4. Not really a surprise. Lakers have Lin & Nash at the point. And I would hope Clarkson, their 2nd round pick could beat out Kendall for the very under utilized 3rd pg spot. Plus from what I’m reading, Clarkson appears to be a better prospect at the two than Kendall.

  5. Hazaa for henry – I think we are the all time chip on their shoulder team

    Everyone on thw roster has been given up on but everyone has talent – this year will be so much more exciting than last year

    My bold prediction – we finish with a better record than houston in the west with lin and kobe having their suck it dwight moment

    New roster

    Pg – lin, nash, clarkson
    Sg- kobe, henry (clarkson)
    Sf – young, kelly, (henry)
    Pf – randle/boozer (its a toss up to start)
    C – hill, davis, sacre

    That gives us 12 guys – if we could somehow still pull off turner or beasly as our last signing it would be great

    I figure we will stay at a 13 man roster, maybe 14 if we do bring marshall back but bleh for needs him

  6. Henry is a better two way player than swaggy..


    I think Hill, Randle, and Davis are all excellent front court ideas, so I see where Darius is not happy with the Boozer signing. Maybe the coach will have the intelligence to use Boozer only as a situational offensive threat? Maybe Boozer’s game opens up playing with Kobe (healthy Kobe?)

    Lin is an attacker, Kobe is old Kobe, Henry is a good ballplayer but injury-prone

    We definitely need another wing.. Why didnt we sign Lance again?

  7. “THAT GUY”……=No respect and bad writing….smh….

  8. Lakers need Bynum

  9. Gene,
    I’m allowed to have a little fun now and then. If you don’t like it, you don’t. Can’t please everyone. Haha.

  10. Just stuck me that Marshall would be a good backup for SA…. He is a very good passer .

  11. Darius…
    Can Boozer be traded by the Lakers at some point during the upcoming season?

  12. I believe this move may have been necessary to retain Henry, whom they must value above Marshall. As noted, Marshall may still be around when the smoke clears.

    Once again, I’m in the minority, but I liked Marshall’s court vision, passing ability and unselfishness.
    I wish him the best – even if it’s not in a Laker uniform!

  13. Kenny T,
    No, Boozer cannot be traded. Also, due to rules in the CBA, Jordan Hill can only be traded with his permission this season.

  14. hallelujah laker nation!!!! we finally did the inevitable of getting rid of smush marshall. Enjoy China, Kendall u r fired from the NBA.

  15. Cant be traded?! Ah wtf! Why did we get that guy then??? And while we are using that noun, why did we have to give that other guy that 48 million dollar contract?!!!

  16. Yay – we have another summer league game – I thought we were eliminated after the loss to philly but we are playing denver next – nice

  17. Originally, I thought the plan was no trades for 30 days following being claimed. If that is not true, then I am on board with the general feelings of depression.

  18. Wow. Just realized: Marshall likely won’t suit up for the Lake summer league team today. Yipee!

  19. Shocking ! Ha

  20. Ko
    I know you’re devastated by this Marshall news.
    We can take comfort in the fact that Jimmy will have another Boozer around.

  21. Thrilled about this. I do not think Marshall is a winning NBA guard, at best he is 3rd string PG on a decent roster.

  22. Just a little comment on Nick Young and Hill, they can both be traded right now via sign and trade since they technically aren’t signed yet. They ‘agreed’ on deals but if the players are okay with it they can be in a sign/trade deal. Once they are signed though, I think you have to wait like 6 months or a certain date which ever is first or something like that before they can be traded as well. At least it used to be that way, don’t know if that changed with the current CBA

  23. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an very long comment but after I
    clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr…
    well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

  24. Disagree that Boozer was a mistake. Didn’t affect the cap for the future, and it’s better to have the option to not have to start Randle and Kelly. Also, Boozer’s just an offensive player, and he was on a Chicago team with woeful offensive creation. Who’d they run again at point, DJ ?

    Boozer played well as a pick and pop guy for many years in Utah, and he should pick up his shot this year off Lin’s pick and roll game.

    Agreed, it creates a temptation to play wasting flesh like Boozer, but Mitch is watching over Julius and also, he’s 19. I’d rather have him getting heavy minutes off the bench.

    Also, there if value according to the ‘perception is reality’ concept to winning in the 40’s or even high 40’s, when free agency comes around again. Just think Boozer will help in limited stints, and can’t really pout too hard if benched because he knows he can’t be traded, and probably wants another contract.

  25. @ J C …. We can take comfort in the fact that Jimmy will have another Boozer around.


    Harsh. I like it.

    Semi related note: would like to take this opportunity to announce to anybody who hasn’t heard that Kobe’s contract limits the Lakers’ options for the next couple years.

    Thank you!

  26. Is there limitation in trading boozer since we claimed him off amnesty?

  27. Ko good lord this a dream day for u lol. Time to look for the next whipping boy lol. In reality he needs to take his “talents” elsewhere.

  28. Darius,
    Thanks for the clarification.

  29. Casual,

    Yes. See Darius’ post above.

  30. Just signed Johnson.

    As for whipping I am ok with what they have.

    Can ‘t complain about coach?

  31. It still doens’t explain if we can trade BOozer…(or maybe i’m just slow)

  32. No no no you can not trade booze.

    Well maybe for drugs?

  33. I presume this means there’s no money left to pursue fixing that glaring hole at center, with someone like an Emeka Okafor?

    Or even Bynum, as some have suggested?

    Or anyone besides Sacre, who will be in foul trouble 85 seconds into every game with no reasonable backup on the roster currently?

  34. Yes, yes, on the Henry and Johnson signings.

  35. The johnson signing puts us at 13 players and if we do in fact bring back marshall than that will probably be our team.

    Interestingly enough we did not use our room exception – I thought we would have used this to get a bit higher level of the remaining fas but I giess we could keep it to the end of free agency if a target really strikes out

    Darius- if we used our room exception would that put us back into repeater territory?

    Overall to me it looks like we upgraded at 4/5 positions with the cemter position being the only loss with gasol leaving

    Take a look

    Pg – lin, clarkson, nash vs marshall, Injured farmar, injured blake, injured nash

    Big plus for pgs this year assuming better health

    Sg –

  36. Casual,

    Darius Soriano July 18, 2014 at 2:30 pm
    Kenny T,
    No, Boozer cannot be traded.

  37. Mike Bresnahan ? @Mike_Bresnahan
    Busy day for the Lakers, who reached agreement with Ryan Kelly, Xavier Henry and Wesley Johnson. Not many roster spots left.

  38. @Chris J July 18, 2014 at 6:37 pm
    … Or even Bynum, as some have suggested?

    Shaq would be a better option …

  39. Well they have a full team.

    Better at PG

    Better at SG

    Better at PF

    Better coach

    Something is better then nothing.

  40. melcountscounts July 18, 2014 at 8:50 pm

    Good luck to Kendall, JC and I enjoyed your style and passing skills, kind of old school. On a team with Nick Young and Kobe his pass first style was refreshing. More to basketball than dunking. He’s a classy young man, some of you should play a little nicer.

    Let’s wait and see what Boozer can do, can’t be worse than Shaune Williams.

  41. Better coach?
    Ko – were you hired?

  42. Robert
    Thanks for the props
    Wonder how many others got that one.

  43. JC

    Casper the ghost is a better coach.

    Hate it when I have to explain this stuff.

  44. Lakers jack of all trades, master of none. Hill now a C or a PF in the 2nd unit; Kelly, a 3,4 & a poor 5; Kobe 1,2,3 (including his 1…2…3 on Jeanie Buss. lol); Nash 1 or an active retiree; Henry 1,2,3 (he got only a $1M); Boozer 4 or 5 (is there anything in between?) Ed Davis, a starter or bench; Clarkson 1 & 2. Sacre a 5 or in limbo. Finally, the Coach under negotiation good only for one year Vet/Min and 2nd year is a team option. Welcome to the reign of Jimbolaya.

  45. Looking at the roster as it stands right now with no bias, this team looks a lot better than last year, if everything that need to happen happen, this team will surprise a lot of people.And never ever underestimate the Black Mamba. Need to finish the now ridiculous coach search. Enough already make a damn decision!!!!

  46. Vladi Divac will not be very happy when he hears that his doppelganger has been waived !;)