Podcast: …And Two Steps Back

Darius Soriano —  January 16, 2017

In the latest Laker Film Room Podcast, Pete and I discuss the Lakers’ 0-4 week, their loss to the Pistons, and differentiating between what parts of the young players’ games you can dismiss because they’re young and what parts of their games are real concerns irrespective of their youth.

That last point, I think, is a worthy discussion beyond the time Pete and I spent on it. As I wrote in the game preview, I think it’s fair to be both disappointed in some of the team’s recent play while still being understanding that this team is playing the long game and looking for long term improvement and upward trajectory. This is what rebuilding looks like.

In any event, click through to listen to our talk. As always, thanks for the support.

Darius Soriano

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to Podcast: …And Two Steps Back

  1. darius:  we can hear the stress in your voices when speaking of the recent failures of the lakers to triumph in winnable games; especially Pete.  You on the other hand continue to be the glass half full optimist while observing the positives and strengths in the young core.  I say good for you and that makes for a good discussion.  If we continue this current trend, later on this season we may back ourselves into another lottery pick;  Hope not, but if so I wouldn’t be in total disgust if we could land and retain a top three pick.  it’s way, way too early, but here we go again?

    is that a pic of Zubak attempting a sky hook?

    Go lakers


  2. A suggestion for Darius. Is it possible to have a general lakers chat page that is always there. It helps the discussion and its easier to go back and read what others said about a recurring issue. 

    Anyone seconds my request?


  3. BigCitySid10552 January 17, 2017 at 7:39 am

    Bottom line: If this season’s priority is “player development”, and they end up keeping their “top 3” protected draft pick…will this season be considered a success or failure?


  4. BigCitySid10552 
    A rigorous query Big City – a conundrum to be sure; as much a riddle as it is conjectural.


  5. BigCitySid10552
    I don’t think the two have to go hand in hand.  If the Lakers keep their pick I would consider them “Lucky” as with the second worst record last year they only had a coin flip’s chance of keeping it.  I don’t see the odds of keeping the pick getting any better this year.
    We won’t be able to judge if the team developed until the end of the year.  Do they play better in the last 20 games or so than the rest of the year.  Can they replicate their early season success?


  6. JuanJ 

    I read the article and this paragraph stood out for me:

    “The Lakers are (at least) two years from legitimate playoff contention. By that time, their young core will be its third year together (some for longer, obviously) and http://www.sbnation.com/nba/players/21872/luke-walton will have had enough to build on the foundation he’s laying. Sure, http://www.sbnation.com/nba/players/21811/luol-deng and http://www.sbnation.com/nba/players/111970/timofey-mozgov will be at that part of their deals where they feel comically bad, but the hope would be Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss could add a couple assets to make up for their inevitable and precipitous drop-offs.”

    I’ll buy the fact that the young core is two years away from thinking playoffs.  However, I had to laugh at the thought that the Mozgov/Deng contracts will be comically bad by then — they were comically bad the moment they were announced last summer.  Additionally, I’m not sure we can assume that Jim/Mitch keep their current gigs beyond this season.  I haven’t seen any sign from Jeanie that she’s open to waiving Jim’s promise.


  7. A Horse With No Name January 17, 2017 at 11:49 am

    mattal Please don’t start with what Jeanie might or might not do.  That’s a road that leads no where and wrecks this site and all others.  No one knows for sure even whether or not she has that unilateral power.  I have my own thoughts that align with quite a few intelligent observers, but I don’t want this stupid effing topic to  kill this board again.


  8. A Horse With No Name mattal 

    Horse.  I can respect that its a topic you’d rather not discuss — but that doesn’t mean its not the elephant in the room.  
    Look, I think the Jim/Jeanie tiff is immature and self serving on both of their parts.  But the problem is that the Lakers are caught in the middle.


  9. Big City,

    I’m glad you brought this up – and not a moment too soon.  :0)

    If the youngsters survive this train wreck of season in good physical and mental health, and the Lakers keep their 2017 first round pick (and thereby their 2019 pick as well), I’ll call it an acceptable outcome, if not a “success”.


  10. A Horse With No Name January 17, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    mattal A Horse With No Name Elephant or some make-believe creature–that isn’t point.  The point is that it will be dealt with or not when the laker ownership chooses to do so.  No amount of braying from the internet or click bait from scribes trying to get paid is going to have an iota of an effect.  All the issues have been covered ad nasueam.  We’ve all typed way too much about it and lowered the quality of the discussion.  When and if something substantive happens here, there will be plenty of time to break it down.  Of course, you and others may feel differently.  I just hope you can think this through.


  11. mattal JuanJI see your point about Mozgof and Deng – would you, however, consider `comically askance´?  😉


  12. Hey Darius, thanks for this series.  It sounds like you and Pete are hitting your stride.
    My concerns for Randle include that he still has not recovered emotionally from his broken leg.  His apparent lack of explosiveness has less to do about physical ability and more to do about not wanting to break his leg again.  I believe that Mitch commented on that indirectly a month ago.  As you observed, his focus has stunk since he became a father.  Hopefully, that will improve once he figures out the parenting gig.  Lastly, I agree that his shots just need more work and he will be fine.
    Putting Ingram in the starting lineup may do wonders for Russell’s game.  They could share PG responsibilities and Russell could work more off the ball.  In addition, it may help Ingram get better looks from Russell.  I am continually frustrated by the Lakers end game strategies and hope they can move away from their hero ball sets.  These are things that simply getting more experience will help.