Podcast: Let’s Go Streaking

Darius Soriano —  April 11, 2017

In this episode of the Laker Film Room Podcast, Pete and I dive into the Lakers 4 game win streak, how they team is pulling off theses W’s, what (if any) staying power this improved play has from an individual and team perspective, and whether these extra wins are worth the 8.9% shift in lottery odds.

We also get into some listener questions, including D’Angelo Russell’s perception in the media, Zubac’s potential as a starting C, and much more. We had some fun in this one, so I hope you enjoy it. Click through to listen below to listen.

Darius Soriano

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to Podcast: Let’s Go Streaking

  1. Your comments 20 minutes in really expresses my feelings about this team, at this time. The fact that the young ‘team’ is starting make these plays means – IMO – we are doing something the 76ers have not been able to do over the last 4 years. This team is getting better and the young players are all complimentary pieces – something that is simply not true of the 76ers (too much duplication).


  2. darius: streaking goes way back to 1973 on college campuses; an unusual fad to say to least. today, we just compost.

    another fine pod from your cast. thanks guys.

    expecting number 25 tonite versus pelicans at home? hope so. wouldn’t hurt.

    Go lakers


  3. Fun and interesting broadcast.
    I’m with you, about keeping the core of this team together, as much as possible as they are learning to play together. This goes especially for D’Angelo. Though I currently have my doubts about his super star status, I’m not blind to his amazing talent, combined with his youth which portends, much more to come.

    As you mentioned he’s cut from a different cloth than other aggressive, dominant players who have taken the league by force, and though that to me equates a limit on what he can achieve, I don’t profess to know the future, nor how differences in this newer generation, can alter the league with regards to what it takes to win at a high level.


    • Kareem wasn’t exactly the most obviously aggressive player, but he managed to score more points than any other player in NBA history + he had the most unguardable shot the league has ever seen. He used intellect, rather than aggression to achieve superstar status. Of course, he was rather tall and agile.


      • Kareem was in a class all his own no doubt.
        Centers do however have an advantage playing close to the rim, which other positions can’t always enjoy; in addition at 7’2″ in a time when average an nba player was 6’6″, his sky hook was way out of reach. There is also a belief held by many that skill levels have risen over the years, to where players today need to be absolute freaks to dominate.

        I don’t see Russell as a freak of talent, but a very good one, which we should keep, but not enough to build around.
        But who knows,.. he may grow up and surprise. I truly hope so.


  4. Darius, who was that guy on the podcast praising Randle? It sounded like Pete but except for maybe the first week of the season, he has not been Randle’s biggest fan. It is great to see the young players develop now that they are finally getting quality time on the court. I thought the Russell bashing carried over to the broadcasts by the Lakers broadcasters. They seem to jump all over him when he makes mistakes or has a bad game. The players look like they get along very well on the court so I do not think any perceived attitude issues regarding Russell matter.

    Lastly as a follow up on my yard work comment, please use the name of the player you are talking about at least every 3rd sentence. My neighbor must be running a lumber mill and I had a tough time hearing the podcast over the noise he was making. If I missed the first mention of a player, I had to concentrate on what was being said to figure out who it was. Thanks anyway and I keep looking forward to the next podcast.