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The goal of this site is to have a fun, smart, and thoughtful discussion of what has happened and what could happen (or maybe should) with Lakers basketball and the NBA.

To that end, here are some commenting guidelines. If we can all live by these I think the discussion will remain at a high level. Here we go:

1). Don’t use profanity.
2). This is a basketball blog, keep the focus on the Lakers and other hoops — leave politics at the door.
3). The goal is discussion, so try not to make multiple comment posts in a row (that is a lecture, not a discussion).
4). The goal is not an argument — don’t start one or bait other commenters into a fight.
5). No personal attacks on other commenters.
6). We use complete sentences here, not ALL CAPS or short cuts u luv. This is not an IM conversation. That said, there’s no need to mock others grammar.
7). Discussion of trades is allowed only once discussions of said trade between organizations can be confirmed. Posts of fan fiction speculation on how the Lakers can land LeBron (or whomever) are not. (There is no shortage of other Lakers sites that welcome that kind of speculation.)
8). Try not to make the same point over and over, the goal is a ranging discussion.
9). Don’t drink and comment.
10). Basketball is a game; don’t confuse it with the really important things in life.

Know that often comments do not appear immediately as they can be held for moderation. Comments will be approved (if they meet with the above criteria) as soon as reasonably possible.

And have fun. That’s why we’re all here.

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