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It’s pretty simple — this is a home for Laker fans and basketball fans in general. This site was started in large part because I wanted to talk on-the-court Laker analysis and information, not the off the court soap opera that dominates the local and national media. I don’t care if Phil Jackson and Kobe have lunch with Lamar Odom. I don’t care about who Kobe’s wife talks to. I don’t care what Shaq thinks of the Laker front office. I do care about the Lakers and the game — and that’s ALL we talk here. No soap opera. No off the court distractions.

I use a lot of “moneyball” NBA statistics, because I believe in observation. I don’t want the Lakers to get a player because he’s “got an NBA body” — prove to me he can play.

Everyone is welcome here. I have been exceedingly fortunate with this site to have attracted some intelligent and clear thinking basketball fans and more are always welcome. I don’t expect or want everyone to agree on topics. Just be respectful and be ready to back up your arguments.

Come on in, take off your shoes and make yourself feel at home.

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  1. I do believe we signed Alex Curuso (sp) to one of those two way deals which stipulates that he can spend a total of 45 days with the Lakers only. It can be for any period of time throughout the entire season, thus we own his rights should another team try to sign him away.

    I’m not sure whether we can do this for two players but Vander would be an ideal candidate. Thanks to the creator of this site too! Pure brilliance!


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