Talking Trades At The Deadline

Darius Soriano —  February 24, 2011

Here we stand only a few hours from the trade deadline. However, the Lakers are not very likely to make any sort of deal. After all, they’ve won two consecutive games against quality teams with last night Kobe Bryant coming up big in the closing moments to the surprise of no one that was actually tasked with stopping him. So even with Magic Johnson tweeting the Lakers need to make a deal and the GM openly stating a couple of weeks ago that he’s exploring his options for improving the roster, the Lakers are likely to stand pat and watch other teams make the moves.

And boy have there been some moves. The Melo deal finally got done and he’s in a NY state of mind. Deron Williams is now a member of the Nets. Baron Davis is going to Cleveland in exchange for Mo Williams. And notorious Laker killer Carl Landry is moving from the Kings to the Hornets. Plus, there are still rumors that Gerald Wallace may be a Blazer by the end of the day, that Jonny Flynn is on the block (potentially going to the Rockets), Battier may be swapped for Hasheem Thabeet, and that TJ Ford will be bought out of his contract.

Lots of action to discuss even though little of it affects the Lakers. But that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it. So, go wild everyone. And update eachother in the comments about the movings and shakings around the league.

Darius Soriano

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  1. My prediction: no moves.
    We may try to get some buy-outs like Kapono (LA native) or some veteran big since Ratliff is pretty much done for the season.

    If the FO is willing to take in additional salary for this and next year, Corey Brewer is available probably for the TPE and a 2nd round pick since the Knicks will need to save $ for the upcoming free agency summer.


  2. Gents, Ammo is still available. ‘Nuff said.


  3. Buyouts only. Kapono might be nice insurance for Shannon Brown. Sean Marks might shore up our depth at the 4/5.


  4. As long as the annual calls to sign Javaris Crittendon have been extinguished, I’m happy.

    Question on the Davis/Williams trade. Just read an article by Kurt over at PBT, and I’m not entirely sure why people are saying this is such a huge win for the Clippers and a huge mistake for the Cavs. If anything, I see it as a small mistake by both teams.

    I know Davis dogged it for so long, but ever since Griffin’s emerged, Davis has been re-engaged and playing at a much higher levels – higher than Williams can provide, in my opinion. I thought the Clippers had a great core to build on. I’m not sure if Williams can push the ball or make the passes that Davis makes. So to me, Davis was the better fit for the Clips going forward.

    The Cavs are rebuilding. A high draft pick, even in a weak draft, is a gain. They’re not going anywhere with Williams or Davis. If Gilbert is willing to pay the extra salary, why not? The only thing to me is that it hurts the development of Ramon Sessions.

    But I don’t really see this as a huge win for the Clips. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong when I see how Williams fits with them.


  5. It would be nice to see them make a play for Troy Murphy as a backup big to replace Ratliff, if he (Murphy) gets bought out as expected.

    Also, the Celtics and Heat are interested in him. Weaken potential Finals matchups and strengthen the team in one roster move.


  6. #4. I think folks see it as a win strictrly from a salary standpoint and *potentially* because Moon could provide spot minutes at SF where the Clips are weak.

    But, I agree with you in that Baron is a better player than Williams. I also think Williams is a disappointing playoff performer that isn’t known to rise to the moment. Baron’s history is mixed there as well, but I think he’s got a better history in that regard than Williams.


  7. Mo Williams greatest strength of shooting 3’s will be a valuable addition to Clips. Since he only chokes in his shooting during the playoffs, the Clips don’t have to worry about that.

    Javaris! Javaris! heh, heh. I’ll lobby for him to be a training camp invite.

    Troy Murphy is rumored to be bought out. Any thoughts on how he would fit on the team? Although not a prototypical banger, he’s another big body that is willing. He also can shoot well from the arc. All those qualities would seem to fit what the team needs.

    Either that or a backcourt shooter of some sort like Kapono. I can see Buss/Mitch willing to sign off on the additional cost of a minimum salary for that last roster spot for a shooter of some sort.


  8. at this point i’m just hoping the elite teams don’t improve.


  9. I’m thinking Baron Davis will be retired long before the Cavs make it back to the playoffs.


  10. wow! celtics trade kendrick perkins and nate rob to the thunder for krstic and jeff green!



  11. I actually like the move the Clips made. When Gordon was healthy, he handled the ball a lot and his P&R with Blake looked really good. Imagine that with a consistent outside threat like Williams available rather the Baron or Amineu. There is a lot Baron does superbly, and he creates for others nicely. His own shot selection is not too nice. Plus, I like Bledsoe. Let him grow.


  12. Two things from last night’s game (I’m late, I know):

    1. I was very pleased that Darius agreed with me in the Pau vs Dirk and Amar’e debate – it told me that my eyes hadn’t been totally blinded by my spanishness.

    2. If you want to know why Kobe is a great player, don’t look at the shots he hit. Look at that last rebound he got. Whenever there’s a situation like that, where the Lakers really reaaally need a board – and Kobe is a little pissed off – it doesn’t matter if he’s the oldest and shortest guy on the floor (ok not really, but still), he’s getting that board. Period.
    That’s what separates him from the rest in my book. And yeah, those shots too;)


  13. Think about the Clippers management just for one second.

    Sterling makes a profit on his team. Baron is not really going to make or break it.

    If he can save money he will. That will never change.

    Baron’s contract was disgusting and he wasn’t bringing them to even the 2nd round so build around a nucleus for a future.


  14. today would be so much for fun if we were at all involved


  15. Re: Perkins, that makes OKC dangerous since that was their biggest weakness. This also means Ibaka will have to play starters minutes now (Westbrook/Thabo/Durant/Ibaka/Perkins), not too shabby.

    Also, OKC apparently acquired Nazr Mohammed, so they are clearly stocking up for a battle with the Lakers in the playoffs…

    On the other hand, this dramatically weakens, in my opinion, the Celtics. However, Perkins has to pass a physical and last time a big man (Tyson Chandler) was traded to OKC, they rescinded it after the physical.

    I’d rather deal with a Celtic front line of O’neal (x2)/Kristic than Perkins. I guess they wanted Jeff Green just because his last name is “Green?”


  16. i didnt see that celtics trade at all. i knew perkins declined his extension, but i guess the celtics thought they would definitely lose him and thought they could win without him.

    i cant understand the celtics being confident against the magic even without perkins, but against miami and us? youre gonna want someone to pack the paint against miami and theyll need length against us.

    on a side note, i really hope we dont meet okc in the playoffs until the western conference finals


  17. Not sure about this Boston-deal…I think they got weaker.


  18. MICHAEL ZARABI aka ZERB February 24, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    i guess we still wont get a chance to beat the celtics starting 5 in a 7 game series … will they still use that excuse?


  19. I wonder if there’s something else to the Perk trade. Krstic is bigger but for Laker matchup purposes, I’d think he’s easier to deal with than Perk. Also you’ve got to wonder how fast he’ll pick up Boston’s D schemes. Not a lot of games left.

    Let’s also hope this means Shaq will now start complaining about his role. He didn’t have much room to complain about Perk before but I can see him pulling seniority and achievements against Krstic.


  20. Wow! WTF was Boston thinking? OKC just got stronger though their transition game will suffer as Perk will slow them down.


  21. Much better for OKC than Boston, but does Perks sour attitude spoil the OKC chemistry. Oh well go Lakers.


  22. Scratching my head over the Celtics trade…Great move for OKC. Now they can move Ibaka to the PF spot and start Perkins at C. This will give them a very, very strong defensive presence, and they can still bring in Collison in place of Perkins for a more offense-oriented attack. Not looking forward to prospect of facing them in the playoffs

    But for the Celtics? Huh? Green is an inconsistent tweener who’s game I’ve never really liked. They really feel like gambling that the O’Neals will be healthy throughout the playoffs. Because I sure like the idea of Kristic defending Pau/Bynum in a 7 game series…


  23. I love Kelly Dwyer btw:

    “The Lakers might be one big win away from a series of “don’t count out the champs” columns, but understand right now that you never, ever should be counting this team out. Not until it loses four times in seven games in May. As if that will ever happen.”



  24. This is clearly a move by Boston to beat Miami. They realize that it doesn’t matter if they can beat the Lakers if they can’t beat the Heat. Boston knew that they couldn’t defend Wade and Lebron with just Pierce, Allen, and whatever scrubs have been coming off the bench for them of late (Von Wafer? A half dead Marquis Daniels?) Green by all accounts is a very good wing defender who can shoot the three. While he’s not going to stop Lebron or Wade, he’s definitely going to take the load off of Pierce and Allen, who need to preserve their legs for offense.

    Also, I think Boston thinks they have enough size inside to pound the Heat anyway, with KG, CryBaby Davis, Shaq’s mummified corpse, and Jermaine “the Drain” O’Neal. While I’m not quite so sure, they definitely needed help on the wings, and Perk was really the only big asset they had.

    I do, however, love this trade from LA’s standpoint. Without Perkins, the Celtics lose their top post defender, so Bynum and Pau will have an even bigger advantage inside against the C’s. And if Shaq + The Drain can’t stay healthy, the C’s are going to be forced to play KG or CryBaby Davis at C, which will be a feast for Bynum or Pau.


  25. The boston deal is a huge win for the thunder. I would be worried a bit if I the spurs and the lakers. I’m getting ahead of myself here. But when healthy, Perkins is second best defensive center in the league behind Howard. He’ll help the thunder tremendously against the bigger teams in the league. If Perkins is ready for the playoffs they’ll most likely end up in that 4th seed and play the Spurs in the second round. I really believe they can knock the spurs off.


  26. Something is up with Perkins for boston to give him away like that. Injury must be much more serious than reported. Thunder might rescind this trade due to failed physical…


  27. So let me get this straight, the Celtics could not secure a rebound in the Finals or control the paint.

    So they’re trading their best defensive post up player for an athletic 6th man….umm ok.

    Why would the Celtics have to change up their game plan if they beat the Heat convincingly both times this year?

    The Celtics trump card was always interior defense. If you think about the small window the “big 3” have you’d think they’d roll with Perkins over Green.

    I like their move from a future stand point b/c Perkins wasn’t going to sign an extension. Why do this trade now? Why not wait during the offseason?

    As a Lakers fan I’m excited.


  28. Huge loss for Boston if they want to beat the Lakers, but I think they believe that this year they will have to deal with Miami and San Antonio.
    This probably means that the Lakers will win the finals if they face Boston now, but will they they make it out of the west without home court and a Bryant who is no longer the defensive player he used to be due to injuries and age? Boston is betting that they won’t, and as much as it pains me, I would have to agree with them based on what I have seen from Kobe and the Lakers this season.


  29. Celtics fans are tearing their hair out over the Perk trade. Reading the comment threads at Celtics Blog and Celtics Hub made my day. See, e.g.:

    That said, let’s hope the Spurs have to dance with the Thunder in the playoffs before the Lakers do.


  30. All this talk of the Lakers vs the C’s is great and I hope it happens.


    But … the Lakers haven’t figured out the Spurs yet.

    BTW, why would the C’s need to retool to handle the Heat ? The are 3-0 against them this season thus far.


  31. We will see how the Lakers deal with the new look Thunder Sunday, hooray


  32. OKC is so gangsta and savvy. They really have no excuse now and by making the Perkins trade, they’ve entered the discussion for Western Conference champs.

    Wonder how the Lakers respond as a result of the FO’s decision not to make any moves: will they exhale and play more confidently; or will they feel secure that they can’t be moved anymore?

    I’m think that the team exhales and really gets ready for the 3 peat to begin in earnest.


  33. Wow, what are the Celtics thinking?? Replacing Perk with Krstic? Oh, man.. how fast is the rest of Nenads hair going to fall out with KG continually berating him? They also traded Erdin and Harangody to Cleveland for a 2nd round pick.

    So their center rotation is now Krstic, Shaq and Jermaine? I’d like to take the time to personally thank Mr. Ainge. And uhh, isnt Green a power forward? Don’t they have that spot filled by KG? I guess they are going to use him as Pierces backup.

    This cannot be for matchup purposes for the Heat, unless I’m missing something. They are 3-0 against the Heat this year, heck Lebron admitted they can’t get over the hump with them, D-wade compared them to the big brothers who beat the little brothers up.

    Thanks again, Danny.

    On the Thunder side, they now have a legit big man and two Laker killers in Nate and Nazr. Spurs.. you wanna take this one? Thanks


  34. Oh my God. I can’t wait for KG to light into his new teammates and get hit over the head with a folding chair. I have a feeling Nenad Krystic will become a Lakers hero.

    I think there are some things going on behind the scenes with the Celtics. As ReignMan said, the injury might be more serious than we expected (or something the C’s doctors think will linger). Or more likely, Perkins rejecting the extension made Ainge think he was likely to leave in the future.

    OKC should be very dangerous now. Perkins and Ibaka might match up better with Drew and Pau than any 4-5 tandem in the league. Collison is one of the most underrated help defenders in the NBA. Artest’s defense has dropped off compared to last year’s masterpiece on Durant (although I’m hoping he amps up for the playoffs). And Westbrook has gotten only better.

    Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a team that theoretically matches up better with the Lakers. Top-notch 7-foot defensive bigs. An explosive PG capable of annihilating us. A scorer that can keep pace with Kobe. A top-notch wing defender that gives Kobe as much trouble as anyone since Bruce Bowen. If this lineup clicks, they might end up being as big a threat to us as the Spurs.


  35. Dwight Howard is going to have a field day with this.


  36. Yea although I understand the deal to move Perkins was better for the future because they couldn’t agree on a contract extension, I think it hurts them in the short run. And not even with the Lakers. Now, how will they guard Dwight Howard if they play the Magic. Perkins always played him straight up.

    As for the Lakers, please, please, please, pick up Jason Kapono if he gets bought out. We need his shooting, and anything that decreases the chances of Luke Walton getting on the floor again this season, I’m all for.


  37. I like this BOS-OKC trade for the Lakers, I think it weakens both teams in the short run.

    For BOS, I don’t see JG playing in crunchtime bec he can’t really guard wings or protect the basket. He’s also not as reliable as Big Baby, somehow. If BOS’s plan was to match up with MIA’s wings, I think you’re better off using a secondary defender like Perkins than a primary tweener who’s solid but not great defender. I see a playoff lineup of KG-Baby-Pierce-Allen-Rondo down the stretch, which means BOS traded their starting center and their 6th man scorer for a backup SF. Either that, maybe they’re counting on Shaq in the playoffs, which if the last three years is any indication, does not turn out well. The only way I see this trade making sense for BOS if they know something we don’t, like Perkins was not going to resign for sure, which seems implausible.

    For OKC, they are really counting on the offense of Serge Ibaka or Harden, both of which I wouldn’t bet on this season (maybe they’ll develop later). If they plan on putting Ibaka at PF, that would be easy to guard as they’ll have 3/5 complete non-threats. Jeff Green wasn’t great for competing against the elite in the West, but he filled an offense need that has now become unoccupied.


  38. Wow Celtics Blog is in Defcon Doomsday.

    Lakers are starting to get it together I’m excited to play hopefully either the Spurs/Thunder in the playoffs. Just as long as the standings stay relatively close.

    1. Spurs
    2. Mavs
    3. Lakers
    4. Thunder


  39. I’m not buying this one. Perk is the only player in the league who can defend Howard straight up. He is a huge part of the defensive scheme Boston runs. Supposedly, he is the reason they didn’t win game seven. And they give him up for Jeff Green?

    I think there is more to this. Perkins knees may really be giving him trouble. Maybe Boston wants to ditch him now and take whatever quality player than can get for him. For everyone saying Perkins is perfect for OKC please remember he is also perfect for Boston. They gave him up for a reason and it sure as heck wasn’t to get Jeff Green.


  40. Celtics fans are convinced Ainge wants to make a run at Dwight Howard in 2012. I think they’re in denial, but I haven’t checked the cap situation.

    Looks like they’re going to be signing veteran buyouts, that’s the only reason to free up roster spots by dumping Erden and Harangody. I think Troy Murphy will likely end up there…but I can’t figure out who else. Ainge must be confident he can pick up someone good.

    Wow. This has been the best run up to the trade deadline in a long time.


  41. Here’s a great breakdown of each trade:

    Also talking about Baron, who would’ve thought the last pass to Blake Griffin would be through the window of a Kia?


  42. Crazy Trade Day.

    OKC gets better. Boston gets less grumpy. Baron Davis gets thrown away, and Gerald Wallace gets move for a Center who is always injured.

    Sometimes I don’t understand this league.

    OKC was going to be a hard out for anybody – with or without Perkins and Nate. When you have Durant and Westbrook (and the Officials Love of them), they are a real tough team to deal with. I don’t think anyone was overlooking them

    There is a legit top four in the West right now, and the playoffs are going to be scary/awesome/exciting/bellyaching. Should be fun. Championships arent supposed to be easy.


  43. @38

    I really wish the Lakers could climb back to the second seed. Having to play Dallas and San Antonio back to back as the road team would be very difficult.


  44. Sort of amazing that Houston wasn’t able to deal anything for Yao’s expiring deal, likewise Portland and Oden. And how does OJ Mayo feel right now?


  45. Thank you Doc!

    Pau and Andrew


  46. Mayo probably knows he dodged a bullet. Being with the Grizzlies is depressing, but joining the Pacers probably more so.

    The reported deal was pennies for Mayo that we could have afforded, but I doubt the Grizzlies want to be slammed for “gifting” us another player. I was holding out hope for 1 of the Bobcats wings, but looks like we’re going to ride this out.

    Thought: Could Rasheed Wallace be returning to the Celtics? I feel like Ainge wouldn’t do all this unless he had a plan in mind.


  47. Something tells me there’s more to this Perkins story …. keep in mind that he recently turned down a contract extension. I can’t remember the exact numbers now, but it was under $30 mil. Could it be that the Celtics feared losing him to FA (possibly even to Miami) and pulled the trigger for some athletic wing players to back up Allen and Pierce.

    Also, it’s possible that Perkins’ injury has not healed as well as they hoped.

    Ah well ….


  48. I know I am late on this, but…

    Holy Hell!!!! – what was Boston thinking? This is to help them beat Miami – the team they already beat three times?

    Perk and Rondo are the only two Celts I would never trade.

    And crap!!! OKC just got better.

    Wow, just wow.


  49. Ok, let’s say that the Celtics agreed to sign Troy Murphy if he were to be released from his contract.

    Do you think the Lakers should bid for his services?

    Let’s say Bos agrees for 2M.

    What would be the most the Lakers should bid considering they’re at the luxury tax already?


  50. Crap, I just realized an appeal from the Lakers to “come win a ring with the good guys” is not going to resonate with a guy named Murphy.


  51. The upcoming CBA talks/lockout, and how teams think they will be affected, is at least being taken into consideration in these moves.


  52. Exhelo – can you expand on that thought? I am still trying to wrap my head around some of these things. (D-Will and Melo, I get some of these others, not so much. )


  53. Wallace did go to Portland.


  54. @47, Travis. Boston is over the cap. They can only offer the minimum just like Lakers. It’s going to come down to a sell job. I’m not sure what teams have cap room that could make a run at him.

    I think anyone wanting him is already capped out.


  55. MICHAEL ZARABI aka ZERB February 24, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    celtics traded (sold) marquis daniels to sacramento

    so much for UMBUTU


  56. I like this move for OKC, why sit and play the long game when you already have top 5 at their position players at the point and small forward?

    This move is a sign the organization thinks if they can get through the Lakers they can win a championship.


  57. QUESTION: Could it be that the Celts are expecting Perk to be bought out? Could he demand a buy out? Something’s fishy here. This move does not make a lot of sense. Gambling on D Howard for 2012 also does not make sense. If I’m Howard, I’m looking at a stacked eastern conference with Miami, NY and NJ (not to mention Atlanta and the Bulls), an ever-aging Boston team and I’m thinking more about coming to the Western Conference. Not saying he’s a future Laker, just saying if he’s after a ring, the path to the finals would be better for him in the West.


  58. There is a good chance Murphy will sign with Boston and in that system he is a threat. I really think people are overblowing this whole Perkins trade. Is he one of the best defensive bigs in the game? Yes, however on offense he is a liability. Kristic can at least spread the floor and knock down shots for them if necessary. This is a win now type trade in my opinion, they needed a backup wing to spell Paul Pierce in the playoffs. They traded Nate because when Delonte West returns he is a better backup for Rondo, and Avery Bradley will get some burn too. Shaq did a much better job against LA in the home game than Perkins did in the Boston home loss. And Jermaine O’Neal hasn’t even played against LA yet so we really don’t know how big they will or won’t be. And of course they still have Big Baby who always gives Lakers bigs trouble. They are counting on Shaq and Jermaine being able to give them two years (which is probably the life expectancy for the rest of the Big 3) and Perkins wasn’t going to sign an extension so they got a pretty promising young talent in Green to build with. And for all that Dwight Howard talk, I mean guys let’s be honest he is spectacular but his supporting cast? Not so much, Dwight Howard could score 50 and Boston will still find a way to shut down their wings and guards. Orlando was never a threat to any team in the East that is considered an elite, it’s always been a three team race between Miami Boston and Chicago.

    Who knows Rasheed Wallace could even come back now if the Celtics really needed it, that rumor has been floating around all season. Kind of like a Brett Favre move, skip the Regular Season and play when it matters.


  59. @47 I believe the Lakers can only offer the vet minimum to Murphy since they already used the mid level (Barnes/Blake) and the bi-annual on Brown. I am not sure if Boston has any of its midlevel or biannual leftover.

    I live in OKC so I see them quite a bit. I am not as high on this trade (from OKCs perspective) as some here seem to be. Yes, this trade GREATLY improves their interior defense but they still need an interior scorer. To me that is OKC’s biggest weakness b/c in crunch time Durant is not great at creating his own shot (see last night vs SAS). I am not a big Green fan at all but many times Green played a big role for OKC offensively in crunch time.

    I think from OKCs perspective they are hoping that Harden continues his recent solid offensive play and may even consider starting him over Thabo so they have another threat to replace Green. Robinson doesn’t seem to fit OKCs system to me and I like Maynor as a backup PG. OKC may be planning on playing Westbrook at the 2 w/ Robinson at PG which would be scary offensively but almost as bad defensively.

    And on a final note I think Boston panicked and is now relying on the O’Neals to be healthy.


  60. 50) I don’t know how that will affect things, and they don’t either, which I think drives some of these deals – teams are more interested than usual in getting out from under long-term contracts because the future is very unsure.


  61. 53- Chownoir,

    Excellent point! With the Celtics clearing big men left and right, it appears that Murphy would be in line for a solid 15 mins. Who is in front of him? The 2 O’neals, Big Baby, J Green, and Krstic. The people that likely will be in the rotation? Everyone but Jermaine, so that makes 4 bigs.

    Hmmm, the Lakers big man rotation would be something like Bynum, Gasol, Odom. That makes 3 bigs.

    Have we even seen Joe Smith or Characters play 10 mins a piece? No

    Opportunity looks to be on the Lakers.

    56- Lakers8884

    I’m going to disagree with you that this is a short term benefit.

    The Celtics are built on tough interior defense. Perkins was the Celtics best defender next to Garnett, and was at least an option on the low post and putbacks.

    He avg’d 8pts a game, provided massive space on moving screens, and superb one on one post defense against the best bigs in basketball.

    Just post on Celtics Blog and feel the misery if you want to be convinced further.


  62. Pardon my ignorance, but don’t you think any new CBA would have some sort of amnesty/grandfathering of old contracts if the salary cap is substantially lower in the new CBA? Otherwise, if the new CBA provided a cap of $50 mil, then would the NBA force teams to immediately cut players? I can’t envision that helping the NBA.

    So, it appears that some teams decided to stash players and go over the cap because they knew that if the new CBA is passed, they won’t be able to grab that particular player down the road.

    I’d watch the waiver wire but we honestly don’t have much PT to offer vets like Murphy. Bibby won’t be bought out despite his protestations because he has a full year left on his contract for next year.

    And once again, we didn’t get Kirk Hinrich.


  63. 55)

    I don’t know. Perk was a big part of their denfense. The C’s have pegged their identity to their defense. Guys like Green and Murphy (if they get him) don’t solidify what Boston does best. Without Perk to help pack the paint they have given Miami a much better chance of getting to the Finals.


  64. is murphy somebody you want anchoring your defense?

    he wants to look good so he can earn a good deal next year. he wants a prominent role to enhance his value.

    if i were murphy i’d want to play next to a shotblocker. i think he could be headed to orlando. he’d be in a perfect situation.


  65. Perkins makes the Robber Barons much scarier in the playoffs.

    Trading for him was also a big step in show Westbrook how serious that front office is about not only competing, but striving for a championship.

    Robber Barons

    Those are some tough outs now.

    Memphis got better too, adding Battier.

    Pretty exciting trade season.

    Let’s see how it goes in the playoffs.

    Cannot wait!


  66. T. Rodgers, I just don’t see it. Boston beat Miami twice this season without Perkins, the 3 Bigs Boston has can duplicate what he does altogether as well as add more offense. Boston had an amazing season without Perkins in the lineup so far (he’s only played a few games now with the team). I think this trade makes them a more well rounded team now. They as constructed had a logjam at the C spot and they removed that issue and added some different pieces as well. I think last year Boston lacked someone who could come in and guard wings, and while Jeff Green isn’t a stellar defender he is a stellar athlete, and playing in that system with other great defensive players in that scheme I think he could be very good. Not to mention he is a very versatile offensive player, last year when Tony Allen would come in the Lakers would let him shoot and do whatever he wanted with the ball on offense which really hurt the Celtics. With Jeff Green you have to watch what he does because he can score when given the opportunity.

    58. I never said Murphy would anchor anyone’s defense, I mentioned he makes their offense more versatile, because no matter what people say when KG is healthy he is the anchor of that defense as well as the heart and soul of the team.

    Last year I really felt Boston was fine defensively, their offense was their biggest issue. The Lakers really proved that because Perkins nor Rondo were major threats, Kobe let Rondo shoot while he roamed and the Lakers bigs loved Perkins getting the ball on the blocks.


  67. Perkins last year in the finals (playing in 5 games before he was hurt in game 6) averaged:
    27 minutes per game.
    2.4 Field Goals out of 4 attempts per game.
    7 Rebounds a game.
    0 Blocks the entire series.
    1 Steal the entire series.
    3.4 Fouls and 1.9 turnovers.
    And finally 5.8 points per game.

    I believe Shaq, Big Baby, and Jermaine can easily duplicate that. Shaq is just as big of a body and he can guard Bynum just as well. If anything Bynum gives Perkins trouble, if you look at their head to head in the Finals last year (with Bynum playing on one leg) Bynum gave him plenty of trouble. And the win the Lakers had in Boston recently, Perkins had 5 fouls and was in foul trouble most of the game while Bynum had his way with him. So in theory yes Perkins is a great defender and maybe he is Pau’s kryptonite but let’s not overvalue him as a player. Yes Boston will have more trouble guarding Dwight , but really Boston only has to shut down their wings and guards (which they do easily everytime they play), Dwight could score 50 and they would still lose.


  68. At first I thought this was a grand-slam for the Thunder, but the more I think about it, the less I’m worried. I don’t think Perk will be as good as he was in Boston. Perk was a great defensive player because of the system he was playing in. He’ll still rebound and defend, but he was the product of a great system. Boston’s D is great because of the team effort, not because of the individual defensive skills of its players (just look at players like Ray Allen and Paul Pierce who would never make All-NBA Defensive team). This will help OKC, but I don’t think it puts them over the top. SA, LAL and DAL are still top dogs.

    On the other hand, this is a TERRIBLE move for Boston, and I’m very happy about it.


  69. [Perkins] injured his left knee Tuesday and is likely to be sidelined for a week.
    (Yahoo! Sports)

    this on top of his right knee surgery.

    damaged goods.


  70. The Celtics trading Perk baffles me! Isn’t this the same guy that Celtic honks claimed would have given Boston the title had he participated In game 7? and now they trade him for a small forward and a scrub center? What possibly can they be thinking? but that’s good news for the Lakers!! If they play the game the right way and use there obvious advantage In the paint ,and play D the way they have been playing since the break ,what team will beat them In a 7 games series HCA or not ? I don’t see It happening I’ll wait and see but I think the power has shifted back to us


  71. The Lakers needed to do something via trade, even Magic knew it, and they did nothing. They basically have Kobe and Pau, and if one of those guys is off, they will lose the game. There are too many teams that are now better than the Lakers, and they will not repeat


  72. I think Lakers8884 has put this trade in perspective.

    Boston could do without Perkins, but needed more scoring on the wing – and maybe a bit down low with the 2nd unit. OKC absolutely had to have a better presence in the post to even think about getting to the finals.

    Both teams got what they needed. OKC now scares me, even if Perkins is not a full time player. Boston is worried about scoring to get to the finals and they have improved themselves there.

    Let’s not statistic this trade to death.


  73. Teams that are now better than the Lakers: Spurs, Mavericks, Heat and Magic.

    I cannot believe they did not make a move to send Phil out on top!!


  74. Comments about the Lakers absolutely having to do something are mistaking activity for progress. The Laker system DOES NOT lend itself to adding players in the middle of the year (the exception of Pau only helps prove my point).

    Also, Kobe put it best when he called the season a process, not a statistical competition. Our team evolves. Unfortunately our fans do not evolve – they just continually panic.

    This doesn’t mean we will win the ring this year – it only means we are one of the championship level teams in the league.


  75. “Phil Jackson tongue in cheek on Celtics trading Kendrick Perkins: “They go down as never having lost a playoff series.”” (via Forsberg retweet – I don’t know if it’s true, but it sure is funny.)


  76. Racking my brain: Ibaka hasn’t developed a 15-foot jumper this year, has he? They’ll be beastly defensively (although Ron Adams, the key behind last year’s D, is no longer there) but their spacing will be awful. It’s a bit like the Shaq-Varejao pairing, except Shaq had some post moves left.

    So if we face them, it’ll be a defensive slugfest. This entire race just got really interesting, plenty of things to talk about over the next few weeks.

    75 – Rofl at the shot at Doc. Speaking of which, I wonder if Doc signed off on the decision to trade Perk.


  77. 76

    I don’t watch OKC religiously, but every time I see Ibaka play he knocks down at least a couple of mid-range jumpers. He’s definitely better at it than Varejao.

    Edit: According to Hoopdata he’s solid from 10 feet and 16-23 feet but terrible between 10 and 15. Go figure.


  78. I’m not mistaking activity for progress. I’m not saying they could just go out there and add any player and be a better team.

    Reasons why the Lakers will not repeat:
    1) They are a year older and cannot keep pace with the younger teams (Heat, Mavericks, Magic)
    2) They are getting no production from Artest (I am not fooled by last night’s game), Blake, and Barnes (we’ll see how the return from injury goes),
    3) Aside from Pau and Bynum at center, they have no depth. Look at the Mavericks’ and Magic’s rosters.

    I’m not panicing or trying to be pessimistic; I want the Lakers to win it all! But this will soon be our reality!


  79. #77. Here is his player page at Hoopdata. Long story short, 32% from 10-15 feet, 44% from 16-23 feet (with 90% of his shots being assisted). Not bad for a big man but not elite by any means.


  80. 67, I don’t think Perkins’ impact can be measured statistically. He is the anchor of their defense, their best screen setter (maybe because he’s always moving as he does it) and their best rebounder.

    Plus, there’s a very high probability that Shaq and Jermaine won’t be healthy for the playoffs. So the Celtics have a very good chance of being forced to go to war with Krstic, CryBaby, and maybe Troy Murphy at C.

    And on another note, it’s hilarious that some people like 73 think the Lakers “needed” to make a move. What move was there to make? Melo never wanted to come to LA, so that’s out the window. Utah was never going to get the assets out of us that they got out of NJ for D-Will. We didn’t have the picks or the Vanilla Gorilla to send to Charlotte for Gerald Wallace.

    So tell me, what did the Lakers “need” to do? I’m sure Philadelphia would’ve killed for us to offer Pau for Elton Brand. Is that a deal the Lakers “needed” to do? I’m sure Utah would’ve gladly taken Andrew Bynum off our hands in exchange for the moist corpse of Andrei Kirilenko. Is that a deal they “needed” to do? As Craig W. said, don’t mistake activity for progress. Shaking things up just to shake things up is the attitude of a person that doesn’t know how to solve problems; that person is just shaking up the snowglobe and hoping that the little white dots land in a nice configuration.


  81. 79, rofl are you serious?

    Your number 3 point could not be more wrong.

    Dallas has Tyson Chandler and the half-dead corpse of Brendan Haywood at C. That’s it. But I’m sure Pau + Bynum is way way worse than Chandler + Haywood in your mind.

    As for the Magic, they have a rookie (Daniel Orton) behind Dwight Howard. But you know what, I’m sure having 1 Howard is way way better than Bynum + Pau in your mind.

    And by the way, “Aside from Pau and Bynum at center, they have no depth” is just hilarious. I’m sure 29 NBA teams would love to have that lack of depth.

    Seriously, where are the deals? I’m not sure you realize that in trades, the other team has to actually consent. The Lakers can’t just bully the Hornets into giving us Chris Paul for Artest+Walton; the Hornets actually have to agree (a novel concept, I know).


  82. I think a healthy Shaq can replace a lot of what Perkins does (and is better in some ways) but can you really rely on that? Do you want Nenad Krstic playing 24 minutes at center in the NBA Finals?

    Green is decent but he doesn’t seem to be worth weakening your interior defense like that. Is he any good at guarding wing players? From what I’ve seen he normally plays the 4.


  83. Zephid, do you know the definition of “aside” in the context that I made my point in?

    Why are you making points about the centers of the Mavericks and Magic?

    My point was that the Lakers have 1 great big man (Pau) and if Bynum is healthy, he is solid. It’s other positions where the Lakers will get outplayed unless Kobe goes off.


  84. Even if Shaq starts the playoffs healthy, I do not see him logging heavy minutes all the way through the playoffs. He was a great back up to Perkins. As a starter? I’m not buying that.


  85. I’m just dismayed that Mitch wasn’t able to trade Tex Winter for Kurt Heinrich, Gerald Wallace, Ariza and Javaris Crintedon. Wow. How will this team ever compete!


  86. #86 – Ariza, Wallace and Battier all would be better offensively AND defensively than Artest and Barnes


  87. Wallace in POR, Battier in MEM, Landry in NO, and Perkins in OKC all make the Lakers’ road through the West tougher.

    Will be interested to see if Mitch looks at adding a buyout guy.


  88. Showtime, how exactly would you propose that the Lakers acquire that type of player?


  89. 84, I did interpret your point wrong, but I would hope you realize that your point sounds a lot like you’re claiming that Lakers have no depth at center besides Pau and Bynum. Your point makes a lot more sense now.

    However, I think my question still stands, where are the deals? Are you telling me that the Lakers had a deal on the table that could net them one of Ariza, Wallace, or Battier and they said no? We just didn’t have the assets to make any trades, so there’s no point in complaining about the Lakers not making any moves.

    Everyone on this site thinks they’re a realist, so there’s no point in saying “I’m not being pessimistic.” Either you’re pessimistic or you’re optimistic; there’s no in-between. Pure objectivity on the outlook of the team is equivalent to nonchalance.


  90. #89 – Portland got Wallace for Pryzbilla and another scrub. I would think the Lakers could put something together better than that…Joe Smith, Ron Artest, and picks….Admittedly, I don’t know much about the salary cap, but it’s easy to see that the Lakers lack team speed and shooting. They needed to do something, maybe not Wallace, Battier, or Ariza….


  91. Zephid, maybe you are right and the Lakers just didn’t have the assets to get a quality player.

    But, from what I’ve read Buss wants to win now and I am sure Phil wants to go out on top (assuming this is his last season), yet Kupchak stated last week that he doubted they would make a deal. Now maybe Mitch had already been shopping around and knew the Lakers had nothing of value to part with, but it just seemed he wasn’t even looking to address the team’s needs. And if that’s true, then it’s extremely frustrating!


  92. Zephid, I should have phrased my point about depth at the center position differently.


  93. I think there was a rumor that Lakers would trade Artest for Wallace but Artest didn’t want to play for Bobcats?


  94. Anyway, I’d be curious if anyone has heard of any potential moves/trades the Lakers could pull in the offseason. What do all you die hard Lakers fans want to see?


  95. Showtime. Ric Bucher reported the Lakers attempted to trade Ron to Charlotte for Wallace but after hearing Artest wasn’t thrilled to play there they scrapped the deal (2 weeks ago). Let’s not act like Mitch wasn’t trying to do deals I’m sure he was that’s his JOB. I think his real mistake was not saving Sasha’s expiring contract up until the trade deadline to see if we could have thrown it in with a player to get something in return. As I mentioned earlier I don’t want to second guess the guy but many teams were giving away players, it’s not far fetched to think we could have got a better player than Joe Smith in return.

    Zephid, I understand your whole point about statistically but we can’t devalue them either. If you go back and look at when Bynum has played Perkins the past 2 seasons, Perkins really hasn’t slowed him down at all. Bynum is a tough matchup for Perkins because of his length and I think like someone else earlier mentioned he may just be nothing more than a product of a great defensive system (We will find out soon won’t we). I really believe the 4 guys they have Krstic, Big Baby, Jermaine and Shaq will duplicate and give them a different dimension. Like I mentioned earlier Boston didn’t struggle defensively last year in game 7, they lost mostly because they couldn’t score when they needed to. Yes they couldn’t get rebounds but quite frankly they were a team that got rebounded all year on the offensive side of the glass (one of the worst in the league I believe).


  96. Here’s why the Celts made the move they made:

    1) They think they can beat anyone in the East in a 7 game series without Perkins.

    2) They don’t think they can beat the Lakers with a healthy Bynum in a 7 game series even with Perkins.

    3) They think that that making OKC a contender will put too many obstacles in the way of a 3rd seeded Lakers team making a playoff run for the finals.

    So, in short, they think that they will win the championship this year if they don’t have to face the Lakers. This is the best in their minds of doing this. Cowards!


  97. Also KG averaged .3 less rebounds than Perkins in the regular season last year, but averaging close to 1 rebound more in the playoffs. This year you can’t compare them statistically because Perkins hasn’t played in enough games but I think it’s unfair to say that Perkins is their best rebounder.

    KG when healthy and active is what anchors that defense, they have done better this year in the regular season without Perkins than they did last year with him. (KG was recovering from that knee surgery)


  98. 93, I heard that one too. MJ was totally going to bite on it hook, line, and sinker until Artest let it leak that he didn’t want to play in Charlotte (who does?). I would’ve loved to have seen that deal go down.

    92, it’s good to see you’re a civilized person. I shouldn’t have been so harsh with my phrasing, in retrospect.

    As for the offseason, I won’t mention which Lakers I would trade, but I would love to see the FO go after OJ Mayo. Sure the guy has some issues (fighting on the plane is not good), but he always competes hard against Kobe. As with Barnes, Kobe loves guys that compete, hard, and I think Kobe could beat some sense into Mayo.


  99. An interesting theory, Pat. The Celtics better have an advantage in the middle, because Rondo/Allen/Pierce will not outplay Chalmers/D-Wade/Lebron.


  100. 91. Charlotte also got 2 future first round picks and Dante Cunningham. Not that that and Pryzbilla is a great offer, but Charlotte saves some coin over the next couple of years. Teams are not going to take on a longer deal unless there is an incentive (see Davis, Baron packaged with lottery pick). Lakers had longer contracts to offer in Walton, Artest, and Blake. Brown has a veto on a trade. What else is there to trade realistically? As far as the Lakers needing to do something…they are. They’re getting Barnes back who has been missed. I’m sure they could have gotten Rasual Butler for the exception and a second rounder, but once Barnes is back where would he play? The Celtics gave up a part of their core to get “better”. The Lakers weren’t prepared to do that and rightfully stood pat.


  101. I didn’t realize the Mayo trade didn’t go through. The Lakers could use some help at guard and Mayo would provide some youth and speed. You put Mayo with a mature team that wins and his outlook changes. Plus, I think he went to USC….


  102. Thanks for the stats on Ibaka, guys. So not as bad as I figured, they might be able to work out the spacing.

    In all this flurry, I missed the Hou-Phx deal. Interesting. Possible sign Phoenix might trade Nash?


  103. Good find, exhelodrvr. Here’s one on the Boston trade by Lowe, good recap of Ainge’s likely thought process:

    And just for fun:


  104. Darius, can you or someone else find the statistics for me on Boston’s opponents offensive rebounding against them last year? If I’m not mistaken I specifically remember watching them many times last year and they were statistically one of the worst in the league at preventing offensive rebounds even with Perkins in the lineup.


  105. Finally, someone gets it. Pat @95 you hit it on the head. The Celts want to hurt the Lakers chances by helping OKC. Those type teams hurt us. Plus the Celts get LeBrawn insurance or someone who can body up against him. Big Baby has great offensive moves plus he’s a load to try and keep out the paint. He just needed more minutes. They think JO will be rested since he didn’t play during the year and they WILL pick up Troy Murphy. We need Jarvaris and Ammo.


  106. what an interesting day for the NBA. quick thoughts.

    1. Even though he’s a multi-millionaire and is friends with Jessica Alba, I kind of feel bad for Baron Davis. To go from Blake Griffin to… wait, is there anyone left in Cleveland? That must really suck for him…

    2. Celtics trade doesn’t make sense to me right now. But maybe we’ll see how everything goes in the playoffs. time will tell on that one right?

    3. OKC just got loads better if and only if K Perkins is healthy. Don’t knee injuries need at least a full season to heal? So maybe next year they will rock, but right now I will hold judgment until I see how healthy he is.

    4. Regarding the Laker off season moves. #1 I want to see is who is coaching the Lakers and what system will they put in. Then we can talk about the people inside the system.

    5. Isn’t adding Mo Williams to the Clippers just adding a poor man’s Eric Gordon? Wouldn’t you want a Pass first point guard in the clippers system to pass to Blake and Gordon?


  107. Not sure if anyone else mentioned this, but I think I was giving Prokhorov way too much credit yesterday. According to Woj (who has impeccable sources), Billy King phoned the Jazz on Tuesday night trying to get AK-47, and Williams came up almost as a joke. The deal was completed in 24 hours. So if that’s true, the Nets mostly got lucky.


  108. You all are looking at the Celtics trade all wrong.

    The Celtics were not such a tough matchup (even in 2008 when they won) against the Lakers because of their bigs. That was a complete fallacy.

    The Celtics, and OKC last year and Houston (2 years ago, even sans Yao) were tough because they had guys that they could flank on Kobe, pretty succesfully, without worrying about foul trouble.

    This year with Marquis Daniels out for the rest of the season, the Celtics just did not have the bodies to flank a Kobe, or an LBJ and Wade, or a Carmelo, without zapping Pierce and thus their best offensive option. James Posey was the difference maker on the 2008 team because he spread the floor and made Kobe work for everything.

    Perkins was tough for Pau yes, but Pau doesn’t take over games even against small teams (a la 2 years ago against Houston), he plays pretty consistently and sometimes his shot is falling.

    The Lakers are impossible to beat when you have nobody to guard Kobe (see Utah/Phoenix last year, and Orlando/Denver the year before). But when their is someone who can at least make Kobe work consistently, then the Lakers are absolutely beatable.

    And this isn’t meant to be some out of this world praising of Kobe either, its just how our team is built. Look at how this same team played against last years Cavs, or this years Heat, or even last years Heat when DWade flanked Kobe – we struggled (at least so far).

    Length is not our greatest strength. Though it is certainly an asset, Kobe is our greatest strength, and when he’s off, like the end of the regular season last year, or some games this year, this Laker team is going to struggle.

    Boston knows it.
    San Antonio knows it.
    Miami knows it.

    The target is on Kobe’s back, and teams are trying to get the wings to play against the Kobe’s, Durants, Lebrons, Wades, and Carmelos.


  109. I’m very late to the party, but my head has been spinning. SPINNING. This is one of the most active trade periods I can remember in years, and some of these trades are so I can’t even wrap my brain around the whys. Particularly, what the heck was Daryl Morley thinking?!

    I will also say that the Perkins situation is really interesting. I agree with the sentiment that BOS thought they couldn’t retain him, could still duplicate his productivity by committee, and consequently made the move they thought was best. It’s not his knees. OKC is ridiculously careful about this issue and nixed Tyson Chandler because of it.

    The thing is, I thought OKC could beat SAS in a seven game series BEFORE this. Now, I’m sure of it.

    EDIT: I dreamed last night that the Lakers traded Bynum to Denver for Nene & Ty Lawson. I woke up thinking, this probably means the Lakers do nothing. 🙂


  110. Chris Bosh was 1-18 Fgs on Heat-Bulls game…LMAO

    On topic, I was wondering if the Lakers won’t win the title this year, is there a possibilty on Howard-Bynum deal?


  111. C-Dog, some interesting comments there. Very thought provoking about stopping Kobe.

    And maybe Boston did feel they needed to get Wheelchair Man some help. But I think they are going to regret it in the end. I think they will miss Perkins in the playoffs. I just don’t see the O’Neil Bros making it through the whole grind.


  112. Well I don’t know about you all but the highlight of my night was seeing Lebron James barely hit the bottom of the backboard to tie the game against the Bulls at the end of the game.

    Oh Yeah and see Chris Bosh blow it hard

    I truly believe Chicago is a great SG away from being a top 3 team.


  113. 96, I think it’s clear that the Perkins trade is not about the Lakers (at least not directly), it’s about Miami. As I said before, I think it’s clear that this move is Boston saying “there’s no point in us being able to beat LA if we can’t beat Miami.” So yea, Perkins wasn’t godlike against us, but having a solid C in the middle to hold down the paint against Miami is.

    110, I’m not going to be as mean as I was before to Showtime, but I’ll say to you that you can’t discount the job Perkins and KG did on Pau and LO in ’08.

    Yes, I agree that all those teams have someone who can at least slow down Kobe. But I think the only reason those teams were so effective is because they had someone who could shut Pau down. When Pau isn’t on his game in the paint, Kobe feels like he needs to force the action, which further increases his inefficiency against those elite defenders.

    Pau has carried us through series’ before, and he was arguably the MVP of the 2010 Finals.


  114. I wont disagree with your points there Zephid.

    I also agree that KG and Perk shut down Lamar and Gasol in the 08′ finals but having Posey was just as huge defensively and he could knock down 3s. As was having a guy like Sam Cassell who could come in and knock down shots at PG (which is what their offense currently lacks, they missed Eddie House in the Finals). I still remember Sam backing Fish down and hitting fadaway jumpers on him.

    Zephid I gotta ask you though a while back we had a disagreement on Boozer being a difference maker for the Bulls. Have you changed your mind any on that? He’s been pretty solid for them after returning from his injury.


  115. 116, I think what I said back then was that Taj Gibson was replicating a lot of what Boozer did well, and that Boozer returning wouldn’t suddenly vault the Bulls to contention. I have to admit that the Bulls have played a lot better since Boozer returned, so there’s a good chance I was wrong. But, I think looking back at the beginning of the season when Boozer was out, Gibson was giving the Bulls 15 and 10 on a fairly regular basis.

    I think the Bulls improved play has a lot more to do with them improving defensively as a unit as they played more games together and had some time to gel. But I do have to admit that Boozer has been much better than I anticipated he would be (although I did pick him up in one of my fantasy leagues after someone dropped him on the first day of the season $$)


  116. I fear my comment may get censored due to FB&G’s relationship with TrueHoop, but Henry Abbot is a bona fide chump.

    Think about all the trades that went down – ‘Melo, D-Will, BD to the Cavs, etc., and this is all Henry could muster:

    >>My first thought was: Wow, the Thunder are gearing up to be Laker-killers

    Not only was that his initial reaction – but he seemed so giddy at the prospect.

    I really despise Henry Abbot – I wish he would just keep the words Lakers and Kobe out of his mouth. What a chump.


  117. I think the Lakers are fine as constructed and am relieved that no changes were made. The additions of Barnes/Blake and career years of Odom and Brown make this a much improved roster from last year. Barnes/Blake may not have paid the huge dividends we expected but I still like our chances against anyone in May and June. As always there’s too much unecessary panic being expressed. It definitely won’t be easy but in the end they will prevail.

    Another point I wanna make, as a life-long Laker fan I have always loved Magic Johnson the player, entreprenuer and humanitarian. However, I havent been impressed with him as the coach, basketball analyst and TV announcer. He’s no Byron Scott (or even Larry Drew) as a coach and on TV his insight leaves much to be desired. I thought his latest tweet just validates my point. My 2cents.


  118. Zephid
    Which series was it that Pau took over? This is not to slight the guy, as he is super skilled and meshes perfectly with Kobe, but I can’t remember any series where he was the more valuable of the two.
    And no, Pau should not have been type MVP of last years finals. Like I said, I’m no Kobe lover or hater and the guy drives me as crazy as the next sometimes, but he showed up for e very game of that finals while Pau disappeared in games 4 and 5 completely. Even on Kobes 6/24 night he got 17 rebounds, and while Pau was essential for us to win that game 7, it was because the Celtics strong side D was so honed in on Kobe that he was able to capitalize.

    Garnett and Perkins Did a fine job against Pau and Odom in 2008 no doubt, but the real issue was that we had no one to guard Pierce, Posey and Rondo but Kobe and all three of them plus Ray Allen were pretty admirable in defending him while on the floor.

    Last year they tried the exact same tactics, with much success, when they used Tony Allen but he shoots so atrociously he actually helped the lakers d as well.

    Your other point I believe is correct though. The big issue for the celts before any laker talks are the heat, and to a lesser degree nyk because stoudemire just kills Garnett when they are typically matched up.

    And the Lakers still have a murderers row now of Dallas, OKC, and San Antonio in the west to deal with.


  119. I’m coming late to this thread but have thoroughly enjoyed scrolling through. One of the oddest and most active trade deadlines I can remember. There hasn’t been a lot of financial risk (other than Melo) – lots of mid-range deals, expiring contracts and draft picks. As ex mentioned earlier, the labor situation has its fingerprints all over some of the deal but it doesn’t change the real risk from a chemistry/integration aspect. And, apart from the health question, I’m also wondering how Perkins fits into the OK system. At the end of the day, my favorite transfer was Williams going to NJ – payback’s a bitch for what you did to Sloan.


  120. did y’all see what the Nugs did to the Cs tonignt?! I may be totally nuts, but I think Denver is better off w/o Melo and ‘Big Shot’. Lawson is out of Billups’ shadow and he and Felton should complement each other nicely at PG. the wings they got from NY are OK too.

    Boston’s bench looks as bad as that of another of last year’s finalists. oh, wait – Shaq and that other O’Neal guy are hurt.


  121. In a nutshell, i think the tradeline flurry proves one thing:

    The rest of the league is still afraid of the Lakers.



  122. *one more thing.

    I think the trades increase the likelihood of Miami emerging from the east, because now everyone seems to have major pieces replaced during the season/preseason.

    So if everyone is in the same/similar boat chemistry-wise, the talents of Miami has a better chance of winning.


  123. Denver is so new and Boston was so shorthanded that we can’t really make any definitive statements. That said, Denver certainly did do two things really well – share the rock and defend.

    With the ability to totally platoon two teams of players they are going to be able to run relays during an entire game and still get back on defense. Playing at altitude that will just destroy a lot of teams. That alone should keep them in the #5 spot for the playoffs.

    By the time the playoffs roll around they should be a tough out. At the end of games they may need a closer, but they may develop Smith and Gallanari for that roll – if Chandler and Afflalo don’t bump them out. This could be a team in the mold of the 2004/05 Detroit Pistons.


  124. @gxs, you are safe here, this site invites all intelligent conversation, no matter what it is about. BTW, you are right.

    This thread has been a very interesting read tonight for me, for sure.


  125. Re Kobe Botherers:

    Memphis now has Battier and Tony Allen
    Portland has added Gerald Wallace

    The Lakers will likely see one of those teams in Round 1.


  126. Unworried about OKC. Half of the time, they’ll have three offensive liabilities (Sefolosha/Ibaka/Perkins) on the floor, so either Brooks starts playing Harden 30+ minutes a game or their offense is simply going to suffer. Durant and Westbrook are great but there’s not a whole lot to work with here; we can easily pack the paint and help like mad on any penetration without any worry of any of the other players knocking down open shots.


  127. 110

    I appreciate the fact that the Celtics needed someone like Posey or Tony Allen who could guard a Kobe or a LeBron. Is Jeff Green really that guy though? From what I’ve seen he isn’t quick or mobile enough to handle that type of player. Zach Lowe at has a post indicating that the Thunder were much worse defensively with him on the court, which doesn’t surprise me one bit. He should be a productive reserve but I don’t see him doing much to improve their perimeter D. Someone like Battier or even Anthony Parker would have been far more useful in that regard.

    On another note, let’s not forget that Kobe went berserk against the Celtics a few weeks ago and the Lakers still lost convincingly.


  128. Ray (@ 108). I agree with your sentiment on Baron Davis: “1. Even though he’s a multi-millionaire and is friends with Jessica Alba, I kind of feel bad for Baron Davis. To go from Blake Griffin to… wait, is there anyone left in Cleveland? That must really suck for him…” BUT if he had put in a modicum of effort either on the court or in the off season Baron Davis would still be playing for a talented team, in a dream city, and with Blake Griffin! Karma is a Btch.


  129. 120, I wouldn’t say Gasol was more valuable than Kobe; that’s probably never going to happen due to how much Kobe dominates the ball.

    My theory is this: if teams neutralize Gasol 1v1, it is easier for them to neutralize Kobe as a team than it is if they neutralize Kobe 1v1 and then try to neutralize Gasol as a team.

    In other words, stopping Gasol first is the easiest way to beat the Lakers. I think this is true because Kobe relies so much on his outside jumpers, which can be erratic. Also, Gasol playing well opens up the floor for Kobe, so he doesn’t have to force the action so much, leading to turnovers and bad shots. I’ll agree that in order to beat the Lakers you have to contain Kobe, but I think that containing Gasol first is the key to successfully containing Kobe.


  130. Zephid, can you elaborate on your thought process on why Boston would make this move to counter Miami? Miami hasn’t beaten Boston all year. In the playoffs, the pace would slow down even more favoring Boston.

    I see where you’re going with the rest of your points, but am missing you on this one.


  131. 132, my thinking is that over the course of a 7 game series, Lebron and Wade are going to completely wear down Pierce and Allen on defense. In last year’s ECF, Pierce was absolutely terrible on offense because he was playing so hard on defense. However, the Celtics still had Rondo, Allen, and KG to pick up the slack, so even though they lost one of their leading scorers, they still had enough firepower to beat the Cavs.

    However, now that Lebron is playing with Wade and Bosh, that is no longer true. I’m thinking that the Celtics believe that they need Paul Pierce and Ray Allen to both contribute on offense and on defense. However, given the huge age differences between Pierce and Lebron and Allen and Wade, they can’t be expected to match the Heat guys minute for minute. Thus, they need another guy on the wing who can contribute on offense and play some defense.

    Jeff Green is not perfect by any means. He’s pretty lousy on defense and his offense consists mostly of set up three point shots. Much the same could’ve been said about Pierce and Allen 4 years ago before they met KG and his insanity. If Jeff Green can play at least passable defense on Lebron and Wade, it’ll take a huge burden off Pierce and Allen on the defensive end so they can contribute more on defense.

    If the C’s were to stand pat, they would have had Nate Robinson, Von Wafer, and Marquis Daniels’ rotting corpse to back up both Allen and Pierce. Robinson is a horrendous defender, and Von Wafer is a nutcase, so both of those options are terrible. The C’s are hoping that Jeff Green will give them at least an average defender on Lebron and Wade. Against Miami, they could afford to give up some size because the Heat have 3 completely washed up centers (Ilgauskas, Dampier, Magloire), and I’d bet the C’s think their interior defense will be solid enough to contain Lebron and Wade, given the C’s have someone hounding them on the perimeter.


  132. Zephid, thanks for the elaboration. I don’t disagree about the need for depth behind Chair during playoff battles. Agree about Chair’s offense being needed. One of C’s biggest problems in the KG era has been ability to score consistently.

    I’m just unsure that this move was the right counter. That’s a huge gamble giving up Perk for a maybe in Green. There were rumors previously of C’s making a run at Battier. I’d buy the gamble of giving up Perk for Battier. Not that Hou would probably make that deal.

    This just seems like such a weird move for the C’s. Making so many gambles on Green’s production, health of the O’Neals and Krstic being able to contribute enough defensively. It just smells of desperation instead of a calculated move.


  133. I’m sorry but green doesn’t add anything to Tue celtics in beating Miami, at least not more than Perkins would have. This Celtic trade was ainge being too cute for his own good. It was the logical move, if you’re going by the book and have a long term Outlook. Perkins was gone after this year, so they wanted something in return, draft pick for the future and roster flexibility. What is even more concerning for the celtics is that they gave up erden who was a decent backup.

    Anyway, this was the by the book move, however by the book doesn’t win you rings. What will the emotional effect be? Are the celtics a tough team with only KG and grandpa shaq as their tough guys? Playoff bball is different than regular season, and the celtics damages their playoff team potential.