Talking Trades At The Deadline

Darius Soriano —  February 24, 2011

Here we stand only a few hours from the trade deadline. However, the Lakers are not very likely to make any sort of deal. After all, they’ve won two consecutive games against quality teams with last night Kobe Bryant coming up big in the closing moments to the surprise of no one that was actually tasked with stopping him. So even with Magic Johnson tweeting the Lakers need to make a deal and the GM openly stating a couple of weeks ago that he’s exploring his options for improving the roster, the Lakers are likely to stand pat and watch other teams make the moves.

And boy have there been some moves. The Melo deal finally got done and he’s in a NY state of mind. Deron Williams is now a member of the Nets. Baron Davis is going to Cleveland in exchange for Mo Williams. And notorious Laker killer Carl Landry is moving from the Kings to the Hornets. Plus, there are still rumors that Gerald Wallace may be a Blazer by the end of the day, that Jonny Flynn is on the block (potentially going to the Rockets), Battier may be swapped for Hasheem Thabeet, and that TJ Ford will be bought out of his contract.

Lots of action to discuss even though little of it affects the Lakers. But that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it. So, go wild everyone. And update eachother in the comments about the movings and shakings around the league.

Darius Soriano

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