A Big Congrats To Lamar Odom

Darius Soriano —  April 19, 2011

While it’s not yet official, it’s being reported that Lamar Odom will be named the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year later today. This is great news and I’m thrilled for Lamar being recognized for his fantastic season. His statistics speak for themselves, but even more impressive to these eyes has been his ability to shift between starter and reserve and fully embrace whatever role is thrown at him, all while playing top flight basketball for the entire season.

It’s been said many times over, but Odom really is the glue to this Laker team. He’s a leader, the bridge between the starters and the reserves, and probably the most beloved teammate in the Laker locker room. His ability to stay grounded and always do what’s best for the team shows a selflessness that is very much needed on a team where a precious few consistently get the accolades even though everyone contributes to the success of the group. His humble nature only reinforces the sacrifice that is a requirement on any team expected to contend for the championship. In a way, he’s been the most consistent Laker and could easily be described as indispensable. Not too shabby for a guy that some questioned would ever live up to his potential on this team.

And while I wish Odom could have also gotten that coveted all-star berth that’s eluded him his entire career, this award isn’t such a bad consolation. It only reaffirms his value to this team and shines a light on how consistently good he’s been this year as a key cog to the team’s success. So, again, a big congrats to my favorite lefty. He earned this award with a stellar campaign. Now, there’s only one more piece of hardware to win (and I’m sure he’d trade today’s trophy for that other one handed out in June).

Darius Soriano

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to A Big Congrats To Lamar Odom

  1. Big congrats to Odom. I forgive him for that terrible tv-show now! When people like Wade/Lebron talk about how they “sacrificed” to play together, I think about Lamar and how he walked away from being a starting power forward for 99% of every NBA team, to be an integral part of a winner. It takes maturity for that kind of decision and his award today is his reward for his patience and true sacrifice.


  2. I’m really happy that LO is getting the recognition he deserves. I’m also very confident that Pau will be awake tomorrow night 😀


  3. Hooray for Lamar! Well deserved, well earned, and I’m happy to see that he’s receiving some individual recognition for his hard work. Partly, to be honest, because he more than any other I can think of understands the concept of “team first” and that makes the award even better.

    Go Lamar! 🙂


  4. Will this award pump LO up on Game 2? I hope that the effect of the 6th man award will be positive for LO and he will bounce back from that forgettable game 1 that he played.


  5. Congrats to Lamar Odom for winning the 6th man, first Lakers player to win the award