Chris Douglas-Roberts Talks Summer League, Kobe and Jerseys

Rey Moralde —  July 16, 2013

Chris Douglas-Roberts, as you remember, is trying to return to the NBA and he’s back with the Lakers Summer League team. The former New Jersey Net was a late cut by the Lakers before last year’s regular season started.

Douglas-Roberts assessed his performance this summer so far.

“I had a slow start. Unfortunately, I kinda sprained my ankle in the first game. In the second game, I was still feelin’ it; it was still sore. I had a great day off and we had great treatment. I felt good out there. Even though I had a slow start last game, we still won and that’s what’s important.”

He was then asked about playing with a collection of guys that he may never play with again after the Summer League is over.

“This is basketball. No matter if you’re a superstar or you’re trying to get on the team, it’s one language. It’s a basketball language that everybody understands. We have guys from everywhere and everybody is hungry, everybody is playin’ hard. I’m like the veteran to this group… you know I’m just tryin’ to do my part. If I see guys kind of down, that’s natural as a basketball player, just kind of pick ’em up a little bit.”

CDR was asked about his role being a playmaker on the Summer League squad.

“A lot of people don’t understand. In Summer League, people expect big numbers. You have to play everybody and the game is much slower; the game is 10 minutes (per quarter). You’re not going to get guys getting 30 so I kinda had to switch my game a little bit and play some point forward.”

He finished with 12 points and four assists in the game against the Clippers yesterday.

He was asked about trying any new moves or working on weaknesses on his game while here in Las Vegas.

“First and foremost, you wanna play well. I wouldn’t go out there and try to work on things you aren’t comfortable doing. You wanna go out there and play well; you have to play to your strengths. You’re trying to earn a spot.”

I asked if he still talked to one Kobe Bryant. Douglas-Roberts dropped a little news.

“I talked to Kobe when I was in L.A. Kobe is great to me. He’s a great mentor. He told me he’s three months ahead of schedule, which is very Kobe-like. The biggest thing I get from Kobe is honesty and I really respect that. And he respects that from me.”

Three months ahead of schedule? In any case, it’s been heard before that he is ahead of schedule. Still, we have to take that with a grain of salt and continue to monitor Kobe’s progress. But if anyone can return three months ahead of schedule or play on a broken everything, it’s Kobe Bryant.

Finally, I asked CDR about the sleeved jerseys. Douglas-Roberts noticeably had his sleeves cut during the game.

“I hate those jerseys. I had to cut it because it was so tight around my shoulders. I couldn’t make a shot. They’re so tight.”

And he said it one more time with feeling.

“I hate those jerseys!”

Good luck to Chris Douglas-Roberts. Here’s hoping he gets a training camp invite.

Rey Moralde


to Chris Douglas-Roberts Talks Summer League, Kobe and Jerseys

  1. CDR looked nice out there yesterday. Was a pretty fun game to watch; overall solid effort by the team.


  2. I concur with CDR those jerseys have no place in the nba, they look uncomfortable even to me as a fan.


  3. The sleeved jerseys look fairly ridiculous on the court. For beer-bellied fans off the court? Yes, absolutely. One of the most disturbing things about going to games is seeing too many rolls in all the wrong places. But for actual NBA players, I do not approve.


  4. I wish CDR can be signed by Lakers or Grizzlies. I don’t know why teams are not seeing his talent and potential. He is a big time scorer, and he can help teams win! Good luck for CDR, and I sincerely pray for your future.


  5. Marcus Landry, Mickael Snear, DCR, and Harris are the SL standouts, hope they get a chance to make the team. If they don’t pickup Martin, Nate and Sasha V.


  6. Renato Afonso July 17, 2013 at 2:35 am

    Sleeved shirts impact overall performance on some players. It’s just a stupid marketing tool that should have no place on a basketball court. I hope it goes away fast…


  7. This is my favorite interview so far. Great job Rey!


  8. With Metta gone, don’t know why Lakers don’t sign CDR up. Head is on straight, dude is solid.