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  1. DirtySanchez says

    Nice to hear Bynum sound ready to play tonights game against the Wizards. Hopefully he will help the team close this road trip out with nothing but W’s.

  2. JeremyLA24 says

    I have a feeling this game is going to look really rusty on the offensive end. It took a long time for Pau and Andrew to co-exist offensively last season (and they didn’t at all the 2 seasons before that.) I’m expecting a lot of plays that should be textbook to go awry due to miscommunication or the bigs “stepping on eachother’s feet.”

    Defensively, we should look a whole lot better. There is no way that we will be outscored in the paint as we were in the previous game against the Nets. Personally, I will be looking for Andrew’s help defense to see if his defensive rotation is on par with where it was last season. That is something that he really became dangerous in mid last season before he had his injury that plagued him through the playoffs.

    Additionally, tonight may be the night where we need LO the playmaker to show up more than we need LO the finisher. I love LO the finisher but like I said, our offense is probably going to look even more rusty than usual. So, if we could implement some ball movement through our point/PF we should see some easy looks for a slumping Pau and a somewhat unconfident/ rusty Drew.

    On a final note, win or lose I want us to play a good brand of basketball tonight. I’ll be really upset if it’s a “live by the Kobe night,” while everyone else stands around and watches. That won’t help our team progress at all and we all know that we can have that on any given night. So I’d rather see us lose the right way then win the wrong way this early in the season.

  3. Chris J says

    The L.A. Times wrote, “But if there were ever a game for him to debut following his rehabilitation, this match-up against the Wizards in Washington would be it.”

    Really? I can think of lots of other players against whom I’d prefer to see Drew wet his feet rather than JaVale McGee, who’s both big and very active.

    Roy Hibbert’s taller, but he’s not going to require much side-to-side movement to hold off.

    Then again, we’re going to see a lot of Odom anyway the rest of this trip since Drew can’t be running around the perimeter chasing Spencer Hawes and Andrea Bargnani as they chuck up 3-pointers. Best to work the big man back into the mix slowly, so perhaps these match-ups are for the best.