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In this episode of the Laker Film Room Podcast, Pete, Cranjis, and I offer up our season preview for the 2017-18 Lakers. We touch on every single player on the roster, offering up thoughts on what would make a successful season for each, look at key stats from the preseason, and get into the general strengths and weaknesses of each guy.

Our key focus is the major rotation players, with prominent discussions about Lonzo Ball (and why our early season expectations are a bit measured), Brandon Ingram (and what we can take away from his solid play towards the end of the preseason), the starting PF battle between Larry Nance and Julius Randle, Brook Lopez’s impact, and reiterating that Kyle Kuzma is legit.

Lastly, we get into Luke Walton and whether, a little over a year into his coaching tenure with the team, if our perception of him has shifted, whether we’ve seen growth in his coaching, and what we’d like to see from him in year two.

We covered a lot of ground in this one, so we hope you enjoy it. Click through to listen to the entire episode.

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Lakers Podcast: Kuzmania

Darius Soriano —  October 6, 2017 — 

In the latest episode of the Laker Film Room Podcast, Pete and I discuss the Lakers preseason through three games. Our primary focus is Kyle Kuzma, who has been playing fantastic to start this preseason. We break down his game, discuss why we think he’s been so successful, and also get into the repercussions to him playing as well as he has.

With that, we transition into the play of the other Lakers Forwards and whether those guys should lose minutes in order to make time for the Lakers rookie. We then get into how Julus Randle, Larry Nance, and Brandon Ingram have played to this point in preseason and, based on that play, who might be the best candidate to have their minutes impacted by Kuzma.

Lastly, Pete has some strong feelings about the performance of the Lakers coaching staff and questions whether — just as we do with players — we have seen signs of growth from Luke Walton and his assistants. It’s a worthwhile discussion that gives some context to some of the things we’re seeing on the floor — even if it is understood we need to see more over the course of the year before coming to final conclusions.

It’s a good conversation, click through to listen to the entire thing.

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The Dunc’d On Podcast is one of my favorite NBA listens. Nate Duncan and Danny Leroux are smart, insightful, and die hard NBA fans who provide informed opinions on all topics NBA. For the 3rd consecutive year, then, I am more than thrilled to join Nate to discuss the Lakers on his podcast as part of his season outlook series.

In this episode Nate and I discuss Lonzo Ball’s upcoming rookie season, whether Brandon Ingram can be a positive impact player who helps the Lakers win games, Kyle Kuzma’s emergence as a potential rotation player, and whether the team’s defense will improve this season.

We also discuss Brook Lopez’s importance to this roster and how he can help on both sides of the ball — specifically how his presence on offense will create the type of spacing that helps Julius Randle on the inside while giving Lonzo and Ingram the type of outlet and scoring anchor who can make their lives easier.

Lastly, we get into our win projections for the team and why hitting or exceeding the Vegas over/under is more important this year than in many others.

Click through to listen to the entire episode and a big thanks to Nate for inviting me on.

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In the latest episode of the Laker Film Room Podcast, Pete and I dive into Media Day and the start of training camp. Our general excitement about real basketball being right around the corner is palpable and we try to get into as many topics as we can from Monday and Tuesday’s media availability.

In our discussion, we specifically get into the comments made by Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka about the present feelings about and future of the team, the expectations Brandon Ingram is facing heading into a pivotal sophomore season, and the critical role Brook Lopez will play on this team.

We also get into Pete’s experience of covering Media Day in person, including all of the goings on and behind the scenes action of what is a pretty interesting day of crowded scrums, side conversations between media/players and media colleagues, and all the promos and photo shoots you see as fans during games and on Spectrum Sportsnet all season.

Lastly, we talk about the Lakers defense – a key theme of their first day’s practice – and how good this team can actually be on that end of the floor this year. This was a fun conversation and we hope you give it a listen. Click through below to check out the episode.

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In our latest Laker Film Room podcast, Pete and I talk to Julius Randle’s personal trainer, Amoila Cesar. Cesar got into a lot of specifics about his goals and strategies that informed the regimen he put Randle through to get the Lakers’ power forward in the best shape of his life.

Beyond that, Cesar gave good detail on what it’s like to work with an athlete of Randle’s caliber, how nutrition played such a crucial part in Randle’s transformation, and some of (Cesar’s) own roots as an athlete and how that played a role in the type of trainer he’s become.

Really enjoyed this conversation and want to thank Amoila for taking the time to come on to the pod. As you can hear in our conversation, he’s expecting big things from Randle this year — which should be music to all Lakers’ fans ears. Click through to listen to our entire talk.

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In the triumphant return of the Laker Film Room podcast, Pete and I discuss the Lakers’ tampering with Paul George, the LeBron/Westbrook rumors, Dwyane Wade’s affinity for warm weather, and take a bunch of reader questions. Or at least as many as we can considering how much we like to talk.

It’s good to be back with Pete and hope you enjoy the discussion. Click through to listen to the entire conversation…

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It’s been a minute since our last podcast, so Pete and I had a little ground to cover. In our latest, we talk some of the roster moves in the last couple of weeks — specifically wondering if Tyler Ennis is really going to be the backup PG and if Vander Blue can make the final roster.

We also get into whether Lonzo can truly be a culture changer on the floor, or if he might experience some culture clash with some veterans who’s style of play to this point might not jibe as much with how Lonzo will try to play. We specifically talk Randle, Clarkson, and Lopez and how used they are to being ball dominant players.

Lastly, we get into Kyle Kuzma and whether he should get minutes at SF considering the glut of guys who will need to see minutes at PF while also understanding how shallow the team is on the wing behind Ingram. It’s a good discussion and it was good to be back talking Lakers basketball with Pete.

Click through to give the entire show a listen.

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In the latest Laker Film Room Podcast, Pete and I talk with Tania Ganguli of the LA Times.

Tania talked to us about the LeBron James to the Lakers rumblings around the league and whether she thinks this is just smoke or if it’s a real possibility. Then she gave us insight into the Lakers belief in Brandon Ingram as a foundational player, gave us more background and context to the D’Angelo Russell trade, and then talked at length about her fantastic feature on Jeanie Buss and the Buss Family dynamic.

Later in the pod Tania also talked to us about her history as a sports journalist, some of the differences between working an NFL vs. an NBA beat, and other notes of the trade (which I found particularly interesting and great). I want to thank Tania for being so generous with her time and for coming on the show. It was a good conversation that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Click through to listen to the episode.

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