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Happy Monday, everybody. Here are your best Lakers-centric reads from the week:

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Happy Monday, everybody. Here are some of the best Lakers-centric reads from around the web:

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Forum Links: The Kids Man Up

Myles Duve —  December 21, 2015

Happy Monday, everyone. Here are a few of the best Laker-centric reads, news and notes from around the web:

Lakers’ Schedule for the Week:

  • The Lakers have a four game slate this week that includes a back-to-back set featuring a road matchup against the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday, December 22nd (6 p.m. PT, TWCSN) followed by a home game versus the Thunder on Wednesday, December 23rd (7:30 p.m. PT, TWCSN). The team then has a date with the Clippers on Christmas Friday (7:30 p.m. PT, ESPN and TWCSN) and closes out the week at Memphis to take on the Grizzlies on on Sunday, December 27th (3 p.m. PT, TWCSN), kicking off a three-game road trip.

It is pretty easy to be down on the Lakers right now. They possess a 1-5 record. They are in the bottom 10 in the league in both offensive and defensive efficiency. They have lost two very winnable games (opening night vs. the T’Wolves, Sunday against the Knicks) while facing a relatively soft schedule (for example, one of their losses was to the Kings who have only that single win in eight games).

I think some of the major frustrations aren’t necessarily with the losses (though winning more would be nice), but the process in which the losses are occurring. If the Lakers are going to lose anyway, many would like to see D’Angelo Russell in those late game situations where learning can occur. There are questions about the rotations being put together, the schemes the team is using on both sides of the ball, and whether it all combines to put players in the best positions to be successful.

And while it is important to always know that there are things we do not have information on (how practices are going, what’s being discussed in film sessions, specific directions doled out to players), what we see in the games does cause frustrations to mount.

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The Lakers have been one of the most injury ravaged teams of the last three seasons. Depending on who you ask, this is either the result of snakebitten bad luck or gross incompetence by the organization and their training staff. This is the internet, after all, and the hot takes run wild. The truth however, as it most always does, probably lies in between.

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(photo credit: NBC Los Angeles)

As we wrote yesterday, media day is mostly a circus. And when you’re Kobe Bryant, heading into your 20th season, coming off three straight years of season ending injuries, and playing on a newly constructed team where as many as five players (by my count, at least) will be rookies, the circus wants your take on it all.

This is, pretty much, the summary of media day. Kobe, engulfed by a media scrum, speaking on everything from how he feels physically to the prospect of this being his last season to his Lakers’ allegiance to getting this new team on the same page to, well, whatever other topic you can think of about this upcoming season. Kobe, as he has in recent years, provided honest insight, honest push-back, and an honest reflection of where he’s been, is, and wants to go.

With that, let’s get to the links of the day, starting with, you guessed it, words on Kobe Bryant…

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Believe it or not, today marks just the 13th day in the way of Lakers’ training camp officially kicking off. While it still puts us at a relatively far distance from opening night (42 days, to be exact) it does mean we are making progress towards meaningful basketball being played. And just as we prepare our television sets and lounge chairs for this wonderful occurrence, the Lakers’ players continue to prepare their minds and bodies for the rigor that the regular season entails. Lakers Head Athletic Trainer Tim DiFrancesco recently caught up with Mike Trudell to discuss, in detail, a few of the players’ workouts over the summer. Here’s what he had to say about Hibbert and the Lakers’ youngsters:

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When trying to catch a fish, it is apparently common to use the “Bottom Fishing” method, in which you lay your bait on the bottom of the lake and hope something bites. I was unaware of this tactic until preparing for today’s post, for which I had to scrounge through the depths of college football drivel and NFL non-stories in order to emerge with something, anything, relevant to the Lakers in early September. So with that, here we are: Tuesday’s Links.

Byron Scott is a pretty divisive subject among Lakers’ fans. Some see him as a solid steward who can help bridge the gap between the pre and post Kobe Bryant eras. Others see him as too much of an old-school coach whose hire lacked inspiration. Matt Moore, of CBS Sports, would likely fall in the latter camp and explains his concerns in this write up on the embattled Lakers’ head coach:

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